Monitored Networks

Remotely managing networks is nothing new.  However, remotely monitored networks which build in alerts, alarms, parameters and live monitoring by experienced engineers is now becoming required as cyber-attacks and costly attacks continue to mount. You have an alarm system to protect your physical property.  Now, you need a monitored solution to protect one of your most valuable assets – your corporate data.

Live, real time monitoring is fast becoming a strategy to constantly defend against network intrusion.

Managed services provide real benefit to your business.  Our Remote Desk is staffed with Engineer level technicians.  Remote management tools allow us to provide services like anti-virus software, OS updates and patches, third party software updates and patches, disk usage and any outage alarms and alerts.  Weekly and monthly reporting ensure your systems are efficient and outage times are eliminated or significantly reduced.


Monitored networks are available as part of Advantage’s Advanced Managed Services package:

  • Monitored networks provide 24/7, real time reporting
  • Increased strength versus common virus software protection
  • Offers compliance and risk parameters based on your need

Partner_AlienVaultAdvantage Industries is a certified Alien Vault reseller partner.  If you are interested in understanding the newest, most innovative approaches to network security, please contact us for a consultation.