Verizon is ending it’s residential email service…

Verizon ending email servicePSA: Verizon ending email service for residential customers.

While we do not directly support Verizon email services for our clients, we figured a PSA about the impending shutdown of Verizon’s email service was worth posting.

If you are a Verizon residential email customer, newsflash: Verizon is ending it’s residential email service and migrating user email to AOL email services.

“You’ve Got Mail!”

Yes, you heard that right.  AOL email does still exist!  However, due to AOL’s nearly non-existent spam filters and anti-virus controls, Advantage does not  recommend using the AOL mail service.

We would instead recommend that users move to either (Office 365) or Gmail.  You can get more information about Outlook/Office 365 Email at or view information about Gmail mail service at

Verizon is notifying customers on a rolling basis, with a 30 day notification term.  You should receive an email notification from Verizon when your email account is due for shutdown and migration over to AOL email services.

Please find additional information about how Verizon is migrating it’s residential email services here: and here:

Office 365 Personal Email

Advantage Industries is a Microsoft Silver Partner and over the last 12 months, we have been successfully migrating business email to the new Microsoft Office 365 cloud.  However, if you need a new personal email address, we would encourage you to review Office 365 email capabilities.  New technology can allow you to keep your email in sync across a multitude of personal devices, such as a workstation/laptop, tablet or your smartphone.  Plus, productivity tools like MS Word, MS Excel and other collaborative applications can help you manage your email and documents more efficiently.  Check out Microsoft Office 365 information here:

Office 365 Cloud

Welcome to 2017 and welcome to Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud!

For the past several months, the Advantage team has been successfully migrating our clients from local Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange applications, to the new Office 365 email system.  We’ve been testing, migrating and implementing new Office 365 email and Skype instant messaging features. We’ve also been testing new Office 365 productivity applications and functionality as well.  We can confidently say, Office 365 in the cloud is a winner!  Your organization should give Office 365 a serious review, and Advantage can help.

The Microsoft Office 365 cloud now allows many great features.  Some of these include:

  • Microsoft Outlook business class email in the cloud.  Stay synced on your various devices.  Utilize Microsoft’s cloud email security to prevent or minimize email spam.
  • Office Applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note and Publisher, some of which now allow for real time team collaboration across the office, or remotely!
  • Skype Instant Messaging, which allows for immediate team and department communications, without the need to push emails back and forth.  Video capabilities allow for team meetings without further third party software.
  • Significant cloud storage: 50GB for each mailbox, with an additional 1TB of cloud file storage.

If your business is still utilizing Exchange servers, or local Microsoft application installations, Office 365 is definitely worth a look.  Advantage can help you determine cost savings, improved team collaboration and productivity.

Advantage can help you plan your move to the Office 365 cloud.  Typically, we start with a move of your Hosted Exchange email to the Office 365 Outlook cloud application.  Once this migration successfully completes, Advantage can offer support on the range of applications included in your Office 365 plan.

Contact Craig Nusinov or Russell Smith today to reserve time for an onsite demonstration of Office 365.