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Heather Core, Business Management Research Associates, Inc.

Communication & Customer Service Is What Sets Advantage Industries Apart!

Since the first meeting, Advantage has been a company that we can trust to do the “right” thing. Time and again they have solved our issues quickly and efficiently. We’ve also developed a close relationship with the team and have learned that they are a company that is constantly striving to grow and improve their processes. To me this speaks volumes about their commitment to being the best company they can be every single day. Pick Advantage, you won’t regret it!

Heather Core

VP of Business Growth, BMRA

Kristin Coyner, Business Management Research Associates, Inc.

What Has Advantage Industries Given Me? CONFIDENCE!

CONFIDENCE that our issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

CONFIDENCE that Advantage will communicate with us in a manner that we can understand.

CONFIDENCE that Advantage is striving to be the best in everything they do.

CONFIDENCE that we made the correct decision when we decided to go with Advantage!

Kristin Coyner

VP of Operations, BMRA

Peace of Mind & HIPPA Compliant!

Now that I’m with Advantage Industries, I have a team of well-trained, helpful, and thoughtful staff to help me with my IT and compliance needs. Pick Advantage. They’re worth it!

Franca Kimmel

Practice Manager, Olney Center For Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Absolutely Zero Downtime!

With our previous company we were constantly having problems keeping our network up and running. Now that we’re with Advantage Industries, we have had absolutely zero downtime! In addition, Advantage has delivered Prompt and Reliable service.

If you want the ability to sleep better at night knowing all your IT services are being monitored and maintained securely, then Advantage is the IT company for you.

Bill Andrakakos

Executive Vice President , Herson’s Auto Group

Productivity Up Exponentially!

Advantage has helped us to streamline processes and communication across departments providing an exponential improvement in staff productivity. If you’re looking for a firm that listens and provides solutions promptly. Go with Advantage!

Emmy K

IT Business Relationship Manager, Major Health Insurance Provider

I Would 100% Recommend Advantage Industries

Advantage Industries has been great to work with! They have made it very simple and seamless to set up a new security stack for one of my small business clients in Washington DC.

They are incredibly quick to respond to our needs.   Service tickets are handled with lightning speed which I've never experienced with any other IT business partner.

If you are weighing your options for IT support, I would 100% recommend Advantage Industries and their team of experts.  On top of their expertise, they are a pleasure to work with!

Jason Alexander

Medical Practice Consultant

Gordon Theisz, Family Medicine in Falls Church

The Advantage Help Desk Team is Great!

They resolve my tickets quickly, professionally, and efficiently.

Dr. Gordon Theisz

Owner, Family Medicine in Falls Church

Life Is So Much Easier!

The switch to Office 365 and SharePoint has made life so much easier for the Foundation staff, both those that work in the office and outside of it. Advantage did a great job with the transition and overall migration and continues to assist with any issues that may arise to keep us all working as efficiently as possible.

Benjamin Basloe

Senior Vice President of Operations & Philanthropy, Sjögren's Foundation

We Feel Valued As A Client!

It was a seamless transition when Advantage Industries took over our IT services. Their techs are responsive and go above and beyond to resolve complicated issues. Most importantly, Advantage looks for creative ways to adhere to our budgetary restraints, while still providing the IT services and support that we require. Go with Advantage! Your one-stop shop for streamlining your IT services.

Tonja Scott

Director of Operations, The Maven Group

A Real Game Changer!

Being a small office steering a large operation, having Advantage Industries take the helm of our IT service has been a real game changer for us. Their guidance on moving our system to Office 365 and SharePoint along with prompting us to enhance our security systems has provided us with increased efficiencies alongside improved security and confidence in our systems. Our organization’s auditors have appreciated these upgrades as well! With our previous IT company, we never felt like we were getting the value we should have been from their onsite support. Advantage’s virtual support system, clear billing, and ticket tracking help us to manage our IT support much more efficiently. In addition, we never feel like they’re pushing new technologies on us, but instead keep us informed of the changing tech landscape and present options for us to choose from. If you are looking for a full-service technology firm (or even help with a discrete project), we would strongly recommend having a conversation with the Advantage Team!

Kathleen McCarthy

Grants & Information Technology Manager, The Marion I. & Henry J. Knott Foundation

Responsive & Knowledgeable IT!

Advantage has proven to be a valuable resource. From troubleshooting our network issues to providing technical guidance for our cloud infrastructure and security, the team at Advantage has been very helpful. I highly recommend them!

Michael L

Managing Partner, Marketing Agency

Tremendous Increase in Efficiencies!

Since joining Advantage’s fully managed IT Security and services program, we have been able to roadmap a successful strategy which has created tremendous efficiencies for our organization.

Their proactive approach allows us to plan and budget for projects well in advance, so there are no surprises. Utilizing MS Teams and Shared files has really improved our processes. And they have a very personal team that our team enjoys interacting with!

If you’re on the fence about choosing Advantage – GET Off NOW!

Neal Fruman

President, National Lumber Company

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