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Fully Outsourced Managed IT Security Services For Organizations In Columbia, Howard County & Surrounding Areas.

Just about any day of the week, you’re hearing or reading news regarding another organization the victim of a cyber attack. This time a business your size, not far away, got all their clients’ sensitive data and files taken. You’ve been fortunate; this has not happened to you. Except now, this news strikes a chord and hits close to home for you, having you review your company’s current data protection.


Do You Have Managed Cybersecurity Services Protection?

Not having managed cybersecurity services, shielding your intelligence, can open the door to a cyber-attack. That’s not meant to alarm you, only to let you know what you are facing. Hearing how a company your size, nearby, got hacked, might have you questioning your current security strength.

At Advantage Industries, we understand you have grave concerns and questions regarding your sensitive information protections. You want to protect: your data, your intellectual property and your client data. We can help. When you contact us, ask to speak to one of our Managed Security Service Provider consultants about your cyber protection concerns. They are here to answer all your questions.

What is a Managed Security Service Provider?

An MSSP, also known as a Managed Security Service Provider, furnishes outsourced monitoring and management of your organization’s security devices and systems. Services vary from anti-viral services, intrusion detection, managed firewall, vulnerability scanning, and virtual private network.

What Does an MSSP Do?

An MSSP uses a group of servers known as a high availability cluster. Using a cluster group of servers assists with server applications. It minimizes downtime when a server node fails or overloads. As cybersecurity threats become increasingly sophisticated, our Managed Security Services software and tools will protect your data and network.

Managed IT Security Services Offered By Advantage Industries

  • Anti-Spam Service – An email security system that scans and reviews all mail for malware, ransomware, and spam.
  • Firewall Management – Maintain your firewall with the latest security updates and features and security event monitoring.
  • Threat Monitoring & Cyber-Attack Defense – Knowledge and information gained from specific attacks and related events help reduce successful future attacks.
  • Incident Response & Event Investigation – Review the security events to determine what systems were affected and its impact, when the events occurred and tracking of who caused it.
  • Vulnerability Scanning Management – Our vulnerability management provides security protection to your data and network. We use several frameworks and industry standards to identify vulnerabilities and get ahead of emerging threats proactively.
  • Advanced Threat Protection – Protects against targeted threats and exploits. It can help you anticipate your attackers, detect their tradecraft, disrupt the kill chain, understand their motives, and work to stop them from achieving their objectives in your environment.
  • SIEM & Log Management – Security analysis and review of threats, remediation methods, and a plan of action

How Can You Get Your Managed IT Security Updated Today?

As you review your current cybersecurity protection, you will notice areas that may concern you, or discover your organization’s updates got overlooked. When you contact Advantage Industries, our MSSP consultants will answer your questions and guide you through our Managed IT Security process.