Managed Detection & Response In The Baltimore-Washington Metro Area

As the number and sophistication of cyber threats continue to grow, organizations struggle to handle all aspects of their cybersecurity. As the decision-maker in your organization, controlling your company’s vulnerability is a top priority. After all, you want to forestall cybersecurity attacks before they happen. Fortunately, Advantage Industries is ready to help you manage security incidences and monitor your IT infrastructure around the clock to prevent potential attacks.

We have the best minds and tools to help your organization enjoy affordable and effective security monitoring and incident management around the clock. All our clients look to us to provide state-of-the-art managed detection & response services in the Baltimore –Washington Metro Area.

What Is Managed Detection & Response Services?

What happens when a threat successfully bypasses your security controls? Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service by Advantage Industries protects your organization’s data and assets, even when a threat moves past your security controls. With this service, you ensure the 24/7 monitoring of your organization’s cybersecurity environment. Managed detection and response support continuous analytics, intelligent handling, and human and automated incidence response.

In its best form, MDR services detect threats and respond to incidents in real-time. By managing incidences in real-time, you can prevent threats from gaining access to your assets. The detection can be applied to any location, including but not limited to computers, mobile devices, websites, and any other devices that connect your organization to the internet.

MDR combines technology and human intelligence to create a formidable force against security threats. The MDR team collects actionable intelligence, identifies security threats, and responds to those that are potential issues for your organization. Some of the components of MDR are:

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Network detection and response
  • User and behavioral analytics
  • Threat hunting and intelligence

Why Should You Use MDR Services?

In the face of overwhelming security threats, organizations are challenged to expand their internal security teams. However, even with highly skilled personnel, your organization’s internal team can only handle so many incidences in one day. Consider a scenario where your internal team can only monitor logs and manage security patches. What happens when advanced threats occur?

What’s more, it costs more to employ a team of highly trained security experts. You may also find that continuous training does not cover the skill gap in your employees. Hiring an MDR expert ensures constant monitoring and proactive incident management to reduce the number of successful intrusions and workload for each incident.

Furthermore, the success of your business is heavily hinged on your cybersecurity. You cannot afford to ignore security concerns or invest in less-than-adequate security. According to the Annual Cost of Cybercrime Study by Accenture and Ponemon Institute, cybercrimes are the fastest growing crimes in the world. Criminals target both small and large organizations to steal, alter, and delete data.

A report by Cybersecurity Ventures estimates that the damage from cybersecurity crime could hit $6 trillion annually. Moreover, Cybersecurity Ventures expects cybercrimes to grow by 15% annually for the next five years. Hiscox, an insurance carrier, estimates that small businesses spend an average of $200,000 on cyber incidences- this cost will only increase. For larger companies, the costs make headlines. Can your business survive an attack?

What Are The Benefits of Working With Advantage Industries MDR Services?

MDR services from Advantage Industries is an outsourced solution that offers tremendous benefits for your organization.

  • First, with outsourcing, you don’t have to worry about hiring, training, or benefits. Outsourcing your MDR needs provides a cost-effective solution that meets your enterprise’s budget.
  • Second, you take advantage of our licenses to support your internal IT team and ensure your organization’s overall security.
  • Advantage Industries works with advanced cloud-based solutions to monitor your assets around the clock. Manual checks only slow you down and increase opportunities for forced entry. We handle incidences in real-time thanks to advanced security products.
  • We provide 24/7 monitoring, even when you’re away from the office. Malicious intruders do not take breaks, and we’re always there to respond to their threats. You don’t have to keep staff in the office overnight or increase your internal team to get the cybersecurity you need.
  • With MDR services, you enjoy proactive and intelligent defense without overwhelming your internal IT team. Thanks to improved detection time, the time spent on each incident is reduced significantly.
  • Working with Advantage Industries ensures compliance, full reporting, and logs of all activities across your devices, networks, and systems.

How To Choose a Reliable MDR Service Provider

When looking for a flexible and effective MDR service provider in Baltimore- Washington, it’s best to keep several factors in mind.

  • Is each service provider similar? No. MDR service providers vary in technological solutions, size, and charges. Also, your organization is unique in size, operations, and security needs. Not all service providers can match your needs. Consult Advantage Industries before choosing an MDR in the Baltimore-Washington area.
  • Does every MDR service provider have the right set of tools? No. Check if the company has an adequate set of tools to match your business needs. These tools should be approved for use because adopting unsafe tools only increases your threat landscape. Feel free to consult Advantage Industries to discuss the tools we use and how they assist in MDR.
  • Does each service provider meet compliance and data regulation requirements? Unfortunately, no. Even if a provider meets basic requirements, they may not fulfill your regulatory needs. Working with a fully certified and MDR service provider ensures total compliance for your organization.

Why Advantage Industries?

When you hire the Advantage Industries team, you rely on trained and specialized security experts, who work with the best tools to ensure 24/7 monitoring and response. Partnering with us provides affordable and flexible security services to your organization.

We exist as an extension of your internal team to ensure overall organization effectiveness. More importantly, we help your internal team focus on smooth operations within the organization.

Get in touch with us today for exceptional managed detection & response service in the DC Metro area.