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If you are a Government Contractor, Manufacturer, Law Firm, CPA Firm, Architectural Firm or Engineering Firm that needs IT Service in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC – Advantage Industries is ready to provide Responsive, Stress-Free IT Support
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We Work Best With Two Types of Companies

You Are a Company That Wants to “Outsource” All of Your IT Support.

These types of clients typically have 10-200 workstations and know that their servers, computers, emails, network, and internet are vital for daily operations.

Our clients depend on:

  • 100% uptime.
  • Expect reliable and prompt IT support.
  • Believe security is paramount.
  • Understand that judiciously investing in technology improves efficiency, decreases operating costs, improves profitability and employee satisfaction.
  • Want a trusted advisor that will help them to become more profitable and productive.

You are a Company that has an Internal IT Team (Typically 1-5 people) that realizes that they do not have the “bandwidth” or expertise to do everything that needs to be done.

These types of clients typically have 50-500 workstations and know that they are not able to get to the important projects that need to get done, because they are too busy with the day-to-day tasks of IT Support.

These types of clients know:

  • That they are not getting to do the important projects that would really have an impact on the business.
  • That it would be extremely expensive to hire the required expertise to provide today’s cybersecurity and compliance requirements.
  • Effective protection against today’s persistent and complex cybersecurity threats requires advanced tools and knowledge.
  • That it is “less costly” to outsource these activities then hiring more staff.

We work best with clients that want to maximize uptime and utilize technology to help grow their business – through cost-effective, worry-free managed IT services.

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