Managed IT Services For Law Firms

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Managed IT Services For Law Firms

Part of your law firm’s reputation depends on how well your IT infrastructure works.

Your clients and staff expect a quick and smooth response. When the device, app, or software responds quickly, it’s that high-speed action that builds trust for staff and clients.

That lightning-fast technical reaction subconsciously promotes your law firm favorably instead of building frustration for your staff and mistrust for your clients (even more for potential new clients).

If your infrastructure doesn’t work properly when speaking with a new prospect, they may feel mistrust and doubts about your law firm representing them. The bigger and more serious the case, the higher the red flags could be for the potential client.

You use a Managed IT Services for your law firm to find and correct slowing technical issues before they happen and therefore build trust and confidence for your staff and clients.


Managed IT Services To Protect Your Law Firm

Reputable and trusted emerging and well-established law firms have one thing in common when it comes to IT support: They keep their technology systems running, fully operational, fast, and protected.

This is an important aspect to make your law firm operate smoothly, and have your staff, team, and partners focus on helping clients win cases, instead of worrying about what’s the next IT problem that may come.

A highly trained Managed IT Services provider, like Advantage Industries, always takes a proactive approach when protecting and managing your platform and infrastructure.

Promoting and Protecting Your Law Firm’s Technology

Your law firm is memorable. Your technology protection is unique. And your technical solutions must fit your law firm’s business model.

Below are some of our Managed IT Services solutions for law firms you can have tailored to fit your needs. (For our full list of solutions, contact us here at Advantage Industries)

  • Workstation and Server Monitoring – Identify and prevent recurring system problems
  • Unlimited Remote Support – Provide instant remote access to servers and workstations
  • Personalized Customer Service – Assigned a dedicated point of contact team member
  • Anti-Virus & Spyware Solutions – Provide current and top levels of infrastructure protection
  • Patch Management – Communicate with the client’s software vendor to guarantee system security and stability
  • Handheld Support – Guarantee continued connectivity with staff’s handheld mobile devices
  • Backup Monitoring – Provided for client servers to guarantee continuous infrastructure security and stability
  • Reporting – Provide Executive Summary reports from Detailed reporting and Inventory reporting
  • Vendor Management – Authorized point of contact with client vendors and those with service level agreements
  • Infrastructure & Budget Reviews – Identify opportunities existing and future infrastructure purchases

What’s Your Law Firm Next Step?

When implementing Managed IT services for your firm, you and your team are free to shift back and focus only on winning cases for your clients. Advantage Industries will take the reins and concentrate on your systems and infrastructure.

From that point forward, you no longer need to scramble and search for answers, be worried about your IT maintenance being a problem that may take days or weeks to be resolved, or having an IT failure in an important meeting or in the middle of a case when you need it the most.

Our team will intercept and solve the technical issue quickly. Book a complimentary strategic IT consultation today to discuss how we can help your firm with our outstanding IT managed solutions.