Co-Managed IT Services

Co-Managed IT Services. Advantage Industries helps large and small organizations with internal IT department with all their IT needs.
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Co-Managed IT Services In Howard County, Columbia MD and Surrounding Areas

When your internal IT department has a workload that is stretched too thin, you look for assistance. But, when you need more staff and lack the budget to hire, you scramble for answers. With Advantage Industries Co-Managed IT Services and Solutions, you get both. With our full range of technical assistance services in Howard County, Columbia, MD and surrounding areas, you no longer need extra staff. When you want those benefits and savings, give Advantage a call.

What is Co-Managed IT?

Co-Managed IT is a form of outsourced IT services. These services are offered to any organization, with an internal IT department that doesn’t require support from a fully managed services provider. Your internal IT department gets full technical support reducing their workload. Your hiring costs dramatically reduce, improving bottom-line revenue & productivity.


What Are Some Benefits Using Co-Managed IT Services?

As your organization grows, your technology needs will change. With those changes comes ongoing training for the latest technical developments. With your staff’s heavy workload, there is no time for study. Bringing Advantage Industries in as your up-to-date partner, you can redirect specific, time-sensitive IT duties to us.

Here are a few outsourced IT service benefits you get when we partner together:

  • Shift Administration and Support: As your co-managed IT vendor, you begin to save. Your network administration and helpdesk costs drop, replacing the need to hire new staff.
  • Harness Expertise: You receive our technical skills and extensive experience as co-managed IT providers, i.e., complete significant projects quicker and effectively
  • Freedom of Focus: With network administration and helpdesk requests in our hands, your internal staff can discuss, design, and implement additional projects.

When Should You Bring In Outsourced IT Services?

As a provider of Co-Managed IT Services, we know it’s a big decision. Deciding when to bring in a third party to assist with your internal IT department’s duties can be hard to gauge. So, below we’ve provided a few examples of when to contact us about our outsourced IT services:

  • When your IT staff is limited in size and experience
  • Your internal IT team is overworked forcing them to put off daily tasks
  • You want to bring on another employee, but it’s not financially possible.
  • You have a technology upgrade coming, but your staff lacks experience on how and when to proceed

These and other IT issues are why more organizations like yours ask our Co-Managed IT consultants to step in. You will receive support for your internal IT departments, outsourcing elements of your IT service needs, and more.

End The Waiting – Your Solution is Co-Managed IT Services!

When you partner with Advantage Industries, your projects get completed on time. Your administration and support tickets become our responsibility. Your internal IT team finally get their workloads lowered, and you get to save by not having to hire more staff. To discover how our outsourced IT services can assist you further, contact us today!