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At Advantage Industries, we help businesses across Baltimore Maryland Area, Northern Virginia and Washington DC migrate to the cloud smoothly. Access all favorite apps from your computer and mobile devices with Microsoft 365 Consulting.
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What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is Exchange-based Email, powerful real-time Cloud collaboration tools, and the Office suite of software (Outlook, Excel, Teams, SharePoint, and many more) collected in one effective and productive solution. You can install 365 on PCs, Macs, tablets, and mobile phones. It is a subscription-based service that delivers dozens of features (with new ones added on a regular basis). When you subscribe to the service, you get the latest Microsoft 365 apps and 1 TB of storage in OneDrive. And now, you can access all your favorites from your computer and favorite mobile devices.


Does Microsoft 365 Offer an Online Meeting App?

Yes, it does, and it helps you increase meeting attendance and participation, from anywhere, and at any time. It’s called Microsoft 365 Teams. Inside Teams, your organization has more possibilities to meet online, collaborate remotely, and yes, from the front seat of a car or truck. Below are a few features in Teams that will also impact your organization.

  • Instant Messaging
  • Centralized managed and stored chat and collaboration
  • Screen & Desktop Sharing
  • Integration of both internal and external content and tools
  • Whiteboard capabilities
  • Extensive integration across the Microsoft 365 application landscape
  • Web Conferencing
  • Content management and integration

If a customizable, chat-based team workspace is what you want, our Microsoft 365 consultants can help you implement Microsoft Teams. To request more information, contact us.

Does Microsoft 365 Offer Cloud Platform Migration?

Indeed it does and it allows your team and other stakeholders to collaborate from anywhere. If you’re considering migrating over to the cloud or moving from one platform to another, Microsoft 365 migration adviser has made it easier. As a Silver Certified partner with Microsoft, Advantage Industries has the experience to migrate your hosted email solution to Microsoft 365’s robust cloud platform. For further details, contact us.

How Can Microsoft 365 Streamline Your Organization?

With Microsoft 365 Teams and Microsoft 365 Email, meetings and getting access to company emails anytime and anywhere streamlines your organization. And that’s just two apps. What other possibilities could happen if your organization used all twenty-six apps?