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Do You Need Microsoft SharePoint?

With your modern workplace, virtual connections with staff, customers, clients, and vendors are now commonplace and a necessity. To keep your team focused on their tasks, and your organization in Columbia, Bethesda, or anywhere else in Maryland, Virginia, or DC running smoothly, you started researching collaboration platforms and found Microsoft SharePoint.You have specific requirements that need to be met, and need advice.

You want participation options, access to the cloud, access to Microsoft 365, an easy way to comply with your industry’s regulations, and someone to bring it all together. Most of all, you want to make it easy for your staff to make this transition to a cloud workflow by ensuring they get the training they need. As your local Microsoft SharePoint Consulting team, SharePoint does that and more. For additional details, contact us.


What is Microsoft Sharepoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaborative web-based platform product. It is mainly offered and sold as a document management and storage system that easily integrates with Microsoft 365. SharePoint has two versions. SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server. When you contact us, our Microsoft SharePoint Consulting team can provide you with further details about the platform.

What is SharePoint Online?

SharePoint Online is a group of technologies used to share, manage, and store your digital information within your organization. It’s offered in cloud-based and web-based technologies. It has three hubs: OneDrive, Newsfeed, and Sites. With SharePoint Online, your organization can connect with externals users, such as potential customers, current clients, and vendors.

What is SharePoint Server?

SharePoint Server is server software, installed on your IT infrastructure, that comes in two editions, SharePoint Standard and SharePoint Enterprise. Each version gives your organization more significant control over the platform’s design and performance. These server editions can be used as hosted services or standard and virtual cloud servers.

How Does Your Organization Benefit From Microsoft SharePoint?

While staying connected with staff, clients, and vendors, and simplifying your business tasks, the solution is Microsoft SharePoint. You will improve access to essential data. Complying with your industry’s regulations regarding storage usage, cybersecurity protection, and assessments is easier.

Simple integration with Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and the entire Microsoft 365 bundle is only a few clicks away. With your modern workplace, your most popular applications give you more flexibility to keep employees productive and engaged.

Ready to Power Up Your Modern Workplace?

In your modern workplace, your team is working virtually. For your staff, each must have access to Microsoft 365 to share documents, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. You, on the other hand, need workflow capabilities, global collaboration, content management, and easy regulation compliance. To get that and other hidden benefits, we recommend using Microsoft SharePoint. For more information, contact us. Our Microsoft SharePoint Consulting team will help you power up your modern workplace.