Cybersecurity Training

At Advantage Industries, our consultants provide businesses throughout Baltimore Maryland Area, Northern Virginia and Washington DC with effective cybersecurity training. We will guide your staff to stop, spot, and report cybersecurity threats immediately.
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Do You Need Cybersecurity Training?

It looked like a genuine email from someone the employee works with, sending them a file to open and review. What happened next nearly infected the organization’s entire system with malware. The cost to eradicate and clean up the socially engineered threat? Thousands of dollars plus lost productivity, lost revenue, potential business closure, and perhaps most important, the damage to your credibility and professional status. A lot of businesses in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Baltimore Maryland Area turn IT services providers to get Cybersecurity training for their staff.

To combat and protect your organization’s sensitive data, you have decided it is time to educate your employees. At Advantage Industries, our cybersecurity training consultants understand your concerns. Contact us, and we will guide your staff to stop, spot, and report cybersecurity threats immediately.


What is Cybersecurity Training?

Cybersecurity training provides an individual, group, or an organization’s designated personnel, comprehensive and ongoing security training. The training will also cover cybersecurity countermeasures and cyber intrusion awareness techniques.

Each user will experience different levels of intrusion attempts from large-scale, to a disastrous event, to a single subtle attack that gets overlooked but is harmful. The training focuses on preventing cyber-attacks, protecting operation systems and data, to detecting and recognizing subtle clues, and the authorized steps to combat an intrusion.

What Are Socially Engineered Threats?

Socially engineered threats, also known as SET, are designed by cyber attackers. They trick a person or employee into unsuspectingly giving authorized access to your organization’s confidential information.

The typical socially engineered threats are phishing emails, voicemails, SMS messages, and found physical media such as USB or SD card. The types of SET attacks each staff member gets trained to spot are Baiting, Phishing, Pretexting, Quid Pro Quo, Spear Phishing, and Tailgating threats.

Cybersecurity Training That Combats Cyber Intrusion and Social Engineering Threats

By their design, these threats rely on fooling unsuspecting and untrained employees or co-workers. Without ongoing Cybersecurity Training, a staff member unknowingly grants access to secure data which could result in financial fraud to your organization. But, you can fight these attempts that slip through your security gateways unnoticed.

To guard against every facet of cyber intrusion and social-engineering threats, Advantage Industries provides Cybersecurity Training. Your employees will discover how to identify and report potential risks before they happen.

The Advantage Difference

Advantage Cybersecurity Training will help your organization defend itself against phishing attacks with email cybersecurity awareness computer-based training. You can embed learning into your everyday business processes with customized simulations that test and reinforce good behavior. Our cybersecurity training can help your organization defend against socially engineered threats.

  • Customize Your Training to Make it Engaging and Relevant to Your Users
  • Identify Human Risk Factors at Your Organization in a Non-Threatening Manner
  • Protect Your Operation With Updated Content That Guards Against The Latest Threats

At Advantage, we know that all the training and educational tools in the world can’t help your staff if they remain unused. To keep you up-to-date on your staff’s progress our clients receive a scheduled call each month with their Advantage Client Account Manager.

They will go over the results of your staff’s training and testing. Together you’ll review the detailed yet easy to read, monthly report as well as a quarterly business review. You’ll know which employees failed to take training courses, may need some additional cybersecurity education, or met their training goals. For additional information, give us a call, and we will step you through our process.