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Certifications and Partnerships

Advantage Industries is aligned with some of the top IT vendors and partners in the tech industry in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Baltimore Maryland Area. Find out why this makes a huge difference.
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Strategic Partners and Certifications

To choose a top IT services company in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland, you look for professionals that strive to promote and protect your organization. Their commitment to excellence is the same dedication you receive when they assist you in solving technical issues, upgrading equipment, or migrations.

The critical things to look for are their certifications and partnerships with companies like Microsoft, Dell, Barracuda Networks, SonicWALL, and AlienVault. Those big-name companies hold their partners to a higher standard.

They require their partners, like Advantage Industries, to demonstrate a high level of competence and understanding when providing support to earn that certification. At Advantage Industries, our IT services staff must continue their ongoing training and update their knowledge with new technologies.


Who are Advantage Industries Strategic Partners?

As a top IT service company, we want you to know who our partners are, and the certifications we have earned to keep and maintain that partnership. Below is a current list of technology companies that recognize us as their Certified Partners.


As a Certified Silver Partner with Microsoft, we leverage tools like Microsoft 365, Azure, SQL Server, SharePoint, and other enterprise-level software. To maintain our certifications, we have dedicated ourselves to ongoing training. We take online courses, get tested, and participate in workshops. We do all that to exceed our client’s expectations.


Our ongoing relationship with Dell allows us to provide you with enterprise-grade hardware solutions at the best possible pricing. Our relationship with Dell allows for customized access. Along with online technical support, you also get in-depth reporting capabilities, interactive troubleshooting, central management of assets, ERP integrations, and secure online order confirmations.


As Barracuda Networks Partner, we provide cutting edge security solutions for email filtering and backup and recovery options. As their certified partner, we will provide you with the phone, business, and computing solutions. We are authorized to purchase products direct from Barracuda Networks. If you are a pre-sales or post-sales customer, we also provide first-level services and technical support.


SonicWALL integrates hardware, software, and services to keep your technology protected. We show you how to implement business continuity solutions. You can decide what levels of access and firewall protection each user or team member needs and the times’ security is needed. We also show you how to filter or block non-essential sites like social networks or define email and website content.

AT&T CyberSecurity-AlienVault-Washington-dc-Baltimore-Virginia

AT&T CyberSecurity – AlienVault is a sophisticated cybersecurity monitoring tool that takes data breach and intrusion protection to the next level. As a certified partner, our staff has earned and maintained the AlienVault Certified Security Engineer (ACSE) certification. By achieving this certification lets you know our security engineers have the technical skills you would expect from a top IT services company.