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IT Project Management For Large To Small Organizations In Columbia, MD, Howard County, And Surrounding Areas

You are trying to decide what is the best IT project management methodology for your upcoming project. You’ve looked into Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, Lean, eXtreme Programming, Waterfall, PRINCE2, and PMI’s PMBOK. With so many variations to consider, it’s hard to decide. The questions you keep asking, “What’s the best IT Project Management for your organization in Columbia, MD, Howard County and the surrounding area?” “Which project management can save us time and money?” “Will the project get done on time, stay on budget, and have little to no impact on our staff?”

At Advantage Industries, we get asked similar questions about IT project management, saving time and money, the timeline of the project, budget concerns, and how a project will impact a staff regularly. To help you sort through any confusion and map out a plan, we invite you to give us a call. Our IT project management consultants can guide you through the process and answer all your questions.


What is IT Project Management?

IT project management, also known as ITPM, is the process of managing the full scope of an organization’s information technology goals. It begins with executing the plan, the organization, and the accountability of all involved to accomplish each IT goal across the entire enterprise. The personnel assigned to these tasks are called IT Project Managers.

What Does an IT Project Manager Do?

Our Advantage Industries IT project managers have many duties when taking on your project from inception to completion. Along with applying knowledge, aligning skills, and using tools and techniques, we also expect and anticipate obstacles along the way. Throughout a project timeline, there are version changes, integrations that are interdependent, and technology updates and upgrades our project managers face so you won’t have to.

What Is Involved In Your Organization’s IT Project Management?

The full scope of yours or any IT project management is hard for most to imagine. Below is our brief list of what our IT Project Managers assignments and duties will look like:

  • Administer firmware and software integration
  • Website construction
  • Database storage
  • Database management
  • Build infrastructures and networks
  • Plan for potential security and data risks
  • Setting goals
  • Communicating and motivating team members and stakeholders
  • Identifying the right resources for each task
  • Researching
  • Managing change
  • Correctly sequencing tasks
  • Performing needs assessment
  • Project planning and overall management
  • Promoting and achieving project support
  • Ensuring overall capability with existing technology
  • Minimizing duplicate work
  • Utilizing team member skills
  • Controlling costs and maintaining budgets
  • 3rd party vendor management and coordination

The Next Step To Take With Your IT Project Management Plans

From project timelines, budget concerns, staff impact, you have many questions needing to be answered. With so many IT project management methodologies and variations available, deciding which one best fits your needs does not have to be confusing. Before you decide, we invite you to contact us with your questions and concerns. Our IT Project Management consultants are here to answer your questions and assist when you are ready.