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Office Moves and New Office Setup in Baltimore, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland

You recently found the perfect location for your business in Washington DC or Baltimore Maryland Area. You just signed the lease and got the keys. As you walked through the building, you went room by room, mapping out each space in the office for your staff. The utilities are turned on, and you just hired the moving company. Soon those office movers will bring your computers to the new location. That will allow your team to get to work right away. Your checklist is complete.

Your office moves and new office setup is right on schedule. But wait! After you’ve moved in, who is helping your staff reconnect and test the hardware at the new location? Also, did you remember to sign up for internet service? Furthermore, do you know what or if internet options are available at your new address? If you’re not sure, did you know new fiber installs, to get internet access to your new office, can take up to 90 days once ordered?

Advantage Industries: Office Moves & New Office Setup Services (Baltimore, Washington D.C & Mid-Atlantic Region)

When planning office moves or new office setups, you have to consider multiple technology factors. Here is a basic questionnaire you’ll want to answer before you move:

  • Have you reviewed all available options and contracted for your internet service?
  • What technology will you take to the new office?
  • What technology needs to be replaced or upgraded?
  • Are you taking your phone system with you, or is this an excellent time to transition to VoIP phones?
  • What is the state of the existing network wiring? Is it Cat 5e, Cat 6, or something older that needs replacing? How much can you re-use to reduce expenses?
  • What are the additional wiring needs for the new location (Phones, computers, wireless access, printers, and other devices)?
  • Where is the network closet or server room going to be located? Does this room have appropriate environmental controls?
  • Have you conducted a Wi-Fi survey to determine how many access points are needed and where they will be located?
  • What size mounting rack do you need? Will you need Power over Ethernet?
  • Will you need security controls, key fobs, and cameras?
  • What do your meeting and conference rooms need? HDTVs? Projectors? Webcams? Conference phones?
  • Is your moving company going to transport your computers, or will your staff? Do you need someone to help your team reconnect their computers and test the equipment at the new office?

This necessary list of essential office moving or relocation questions can seem endless, daunting, and confusing, trying to answer each item on your own. With our Advantage Industries consultants, you won’t go it alone. We will help you answer the questionnaire quickly.

To get you started, we always begin with your goals, timeline, and budget. Then we create the best solutions based on those criteria. We start with standard template designs. Then customize those designs to your specific industry requirement, along with the small details that make your business unique.

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Since 1999, the Advantage Industries teams has helped business owners like you in the Maryland, DC, Virginia area tackle these issues quickly and efficiently. To get this problem resolved and off your plate so that you can focus on other revenue-generating projects for your business. Contact us today!