Managed IT Services For Government Contractors

NIST 800-171 – NIST 800-53 – DFARS 7012 – SPRS – SSP – CUI. The alphabet soup of Federal Government compliance can be daunting. We can help.

How in the world is a Small Business Owner supposed to run their business AND keep up with the ever-changing Federal Government compliance requirements.  You can’t! 

Advantage Industries Compliance program allows you to focus on running your business and winning contracts, while we make your sure that your business is Secure AND Compliant.

Our Focus on:

  • Protecting our Customers from Cybercrime
  • Making their employees more efficient and
  • Helping them to grow their business.


This makes us an ideal partner for your Government Contractor company.

Celebrating Our 25th Year – Helping the leaders of  Small and Medium-sized Businesses to achieve their Goals.

How Does It Work?

Over the past 25 years, we’ve developed standards that when implemented keep our customer’s IT systems running optimally. We meet with our clients regularly to compare their current technology state with our ideal state and then “roadmap” out the necessary improvements to meet our client’s timelines and budget.

Advantage Industries’ “Technology Success” program focuses on “reducing” trouble tickets BEFORE they occur, greatly reducing downtime for our clients.  This is a starkly different approach to the Break/Fix model that most Managed IT Service providers follow.

In fact, our “ideal scenario” is when we have everything running so smoothly that our customer never has to call us to open a trouble ticket.

Imagine what that could do for your business.

What About Protecting Your Company's Data?

But What About Compliance?

What’s Your Government Contractor Company's Next Step?


Keith Heilveil

In 1999 Advantage Industries was created to protect and promote our client’s success through the use of innovative technology. Our company is a full services technology firm that provides computer network support and solutions, managed services, cybersecurity, and custom application development for small and medium businesses in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas.

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Tim Happel

Tim Happel

Sr. Director of Sales, PMP

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