Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management or CRM solutions with Advantage Industries can help manage, catalog, and track your entire organization’s activities from the office, or on the go, all from the Cloud with the mobile app. We provide leading-edge solutions for businesses throughout Baltimore Maryland Area, Northern Virginia and Washington DC.
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What is CRM: Customer Relationship Management in Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Baltimore Maryland Area?

A Customer Relationship Management platform, also known as CRM is a virtual or in-person activity and tracking solution. With a CRM platform, like our HITS solution, you can manage, catalog, and track your entire organization’s activities from the office, or on the go, all from the Cloud with the mobile app.


How Will You Benefit From a CRM Platform?

With a CRM platform, you and your team can quickly and cleanly store detailed prospect and client information in real-time, as you will do when using our HITS platform. Adding details is limitless and can be:

  • Contact information
  • Spotting sales opportunities and trends
  • Recording and following up regarding service issues
  • Start and manage various marketing campaigns
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Email follow-ups

And being in the Cloud, your CRM platform gives you endless possibilities when accessing, creating, or updating information from any mobile device when using the built-in app.

Are CRM Tools and Software Complicated?

With little or no training, a user will struggle to navigate any CRM system. Though the application and all its features look complicated, with our help, you will be entering details in no time. When our clients invest in our Advantage Industries HITS training, we take them through the basics to get them grounded in the process. Before long, they are building and creating new systems for their organizations with minimal assistance from our team.

What is Advantage Industries HITS Platform?

Advantage Industries HITS is a CRM platform, built from the ground up for the small to medium business customer that wants scalability & flexibility without the premium price tag of other CRM’s in the marketplace. HITS is THE intuitive and robust web and mobile solution that lets you focus on bringing in revenue and growing your client base. It gives you control of your business – in or out of the office.

HITS, is the Customer Relationship Management platform that keeps track of your customers, sales, call center teams, and projects. The bright and easy to use interface gives you the real-time reporting you need to run and grow your organization.

What Features Does Advantage Industries HITS Solution Offer?

HITS offers the most comprehensive and clean CRM platform for your organization. You can view real-time performance when using the Management Dashboards. If you utilize a Call Center, the platform has built-in click-to-call capabilities from your computer. You can maintain leads and customers, manage your teams’ pipeline, and create your business processes. You can focus on growing your business instead of organizing it. For a complete list of features, contact us.

Why Choose The HITS Customer Relationship Management Solution?

You have a straightforward goal for your organization, improve, and generate leads. You also want to build long-term client relationships and increase overall sales. To help you achieve that goal and stay on track, test drive Advantage Industries HITS, customer relationship management solution. You’ll get a clean, simple, yet effective road map for your business development, customer service, marketing, recruiting, and sales. To get started today, contact us.