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AlienVault Anywhere Support In Washington D.C. Is the Secret Effective IT Security

Digital transformation through virtual cloud-supported applications can increase your company’s productivity. However, these changes may expose your networks and systems infrastructure to a variety of threats.

Such threats offer an even greater challenge when they attack diverse elements of your setup. For one, your residential IT security expert may waste lots of valuable time locating breaches. And, even when they do, they could affect some security measures that could change your current security measures or negatively affect your level of security compliance.

So, it pays to have a unified security threat management (USM) application such as AlienVault. However, this to can be complicated; that’s why AlienVault Anywhere support in Washington, D.C is so vital for your organization.

Enterprise-Enriching Advantages of AlienVault Anywhere

AlienVault anywhere is a USM application that offers a holistic approach to do threat detection, collation, and management. This makes it quite attractive to SMEs and organizations that need quality threat response at a limited budget.

It offers a comprehensive security blanket that covers:

  1. Identification Malware and other threats to your system
  2. Comprehensive incident reporting
  3. An effective response to identified IT security threats
  4. Adherence to compliance
  5. Network and Systems monitoring
  6. Discovery of digital assets

Steps to Effective AlienVault Anywhere Support

The best thing about AlienVault is that it offers the most intuitive approach to managing IT security. This is especially important for endpoint solutions that depend on a hybrid or any other type of cloud setup.

It works in the following five simple steps:

Step 1: Deployment of Lightweight Sensors to Your System

All you need to do to start is to download and install this USM application to your cloud infrastructure. The applications then launch native sensors to observe your cloud-backed applications such as Azure cloud or amazon web-based services.

It also runs VMware and other virtual sensors on your native cloud, as well as your local digital and physical system set up.

Step 2: AlienVault Scans Your Digital Assets for Vulnerabilities

Once you’ve launched AlienVault sensors, they can be customized to effectively monitor a client’s cloud and physical environment of any suspicious behavior. You can also use your AlienVault anywhere account to:

  • Launch and manage USM agent
  • Schedule regular scan, maintenance, and discovery of assets
  • Single out potential system vulnerabilities

Step 3: It Continuously Monitors Your System for Malicious Behavior

AlienVault’s dashboard allows you to identify common trends in malicious behavior. It also gives you tools such as alarms that can make it easier to identify and expedite threat detection and response to activities in your core business infrastructure.

It also collates such discoveries in a neat report for all your cloud and native applications, data as well as physical assets. Such a report is also readily available every time you log in to your AlienVault account.

Step 4: Analysis and Compilation of Log Data

AlienVault doesn’t stop at collecting data; it also analyses every security data long.This includes but is not limited to the following

  • Access logs ( cloud and native )
  • CloudWatch logs
  • Anti-malware logs

This USM application also has a built-in analysis and search tools wrapped in a neat interface. Such a tool allows you effortlessly filter through security data so you can investigate breaches and ensure your organization remains compliant with industry guidelines.

Step 5: Effects Proactive Measures to Defend Against Emergent Threats

It helps to think of AlienVault as a single plane of glass that helps you to identify all threats to your cloud and native system infrastructure. Plus, It also comes with innate AIR (Automated investigation and response) functionality.

Such functionality provides a way to launch security countermeasures based on the in-depth analysis of AlienVault Anywhere. It also enables users to set customize alarms and configure the application to suppress false-positive alerts.

Advantage Industries: Cost-Effective AlienVault Anywhere Support Across Washington D.C

AlienVault Anywhere is the secret to enterprise-level IT security and compliance for small businesses. However, most organizations that need it don’t know about its excellent benefits or fail to customize it to suit their business needs.

Advantage Industries is an official AlienVault Managed Services Security Partner. We have what it takes to help you if you face either of those challenges.

We’ve provided AlienVault Anywhere support right from installation, deployment to customization. There’s always someone on the line ready to talk to you about all AlienVault Anywhere and other related support services.

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