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The recent news headlines have shown data breaches targeting companies like Facebook, Under Armour, Panera, & Ticketfly. Attacks don’t just …

The recent news headlines have shown data breaches targeting companies like Facebook, Under Armour, Panera, & Ticketfly. Attacks don’t just happen to large enterprise corporations, they happened to organizations of all sizes especially small businesses. 62% of all cybersecurity attacks are done to small and medium businesses. Why is that? Well if you think about large corporations they have more resources,  available funds, and need to answer to more people so they do not have as many security breaches (although they get attacked constantly). When a small or medium business is attacked a majority of the time they do not even know they were attacked, have the resources to identify it, or have the staffing resources with the security skillset. Your most important asset next to your employees is your data. This can be customer and client data, employee information, databases, files etc. which can all be sold on the dark web and used against you or used by your competition. The legal fees, fines, penalties and damaged reputation associated with a data breach could be thousands of dollars per record. How many records do you have in your database?

At Advantage Industries our cybersecurity expertise and experience with Managed Security Services (MSS) provide companies with powerful, innovative security services to manage and monitor your data, network infrastructure and business. As cybersecurity threats become more sophisticated, our Managed Security Services (MSS) software and tools from multiple vendors help us protect your data and network against intrusions and threats, vulnerabilities, and unauthorized access.

Benefits of Managed Security Services (MSS):

  • Protection – Using advanced assessment tools used by thousands of companies we provide security protection, vulnerability scans & monitoring, firewall management, logging and monitoring.
  • Cost Effective – The cost to build and maintain multiple security tools, keep up to date with the tools with staffing and re-education makes it better to outsource security at predictable monthly cost.
  • Focus on Business – Let company executives focus on the core business and outsource security services to protect data, provide risk assessment information, compliance and reporting.
  • Security Experts – We have security experts that constantly work with our software and tools to monitor and manage vulnerabilities.
  • Advanced Technology – Let our experience and expertise using leading-edge cybersecurity tools help your business mitigate risk.

Managed Services Capabilities:

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In 1999 Advantage Industries was created to protect and promote our client’s success through the use of innovative technology. Our company is a full services technology firm that provides computer network support and solutions, managed services, cybersecurity, and custom application development for small and medium businesses in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas.

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