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Ensure your network is secure from attacks Guarding business networks against illegal access should be a priority for any corporation ...
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Ensure your network is secure from attacks

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Guarding business networks against illegal access should be a priority for any corporation that wants to keep data and other assets protected from attackers. Trade secrets, intelligence reports, financial and confidential information are all vital points of interest that cybercriminals are looking to get their hands on.

Protecting access to this type of information saves your company downtime, cost, and operational losses. When your data is exposed, everything crashes; expect lawsuits from clients, monetary damages, and worse- a strike against the company’s reputation. Network penetration testing can help prevent these attacks from happening to your business.

We provide network penetration testing services (pen testing services) to companies in the Frederick, MD area. We are a long-standing penetration testing company with resources and expertise to ensure your network is secure.

What is a Penetration Test?

A Network Penetration Test (Pentest) or ethical hacking, is an authorized, simulated cyberattack on a computer system, performed to evaluate the security of the system. The test is performed to identify both weaknesses (also referred to as vulnerabilities), including the potential for unauthorized parties to gain access to the system, as well as strengths, enabling a full risk assessment to be completed.

Advantage Industries performs network penetration services

As a penetration testing company, we specialize in creating security policies, creating firewall controls and maintaining security standards that work. We have top-tier data protection technologies available for our clients to use on their networks as a front line of defense.

In performing network pentests, we use premium tools to detect threats and unsecured points that can lead into your system. We also do manual penetration tests of your network, endpoints, and applications. At the end of our penetration testing services, you will receive a vulnerability assessment report and our recommendations on how to resolve these lurking issues.

If your business is considering a network penetration test, you can count on us. Contact us to increase your security!