Advantage Industries Is Fully Certified To Assist With Your CMMC Compliance

Advantage Industries are CMMC compliance specialists in the Washington DC, Baltimore and MidAtlantic region. Speak with a certified CMMC specialist today.

Advantage Industries Is Fully Certified To Assist With Your CMMC Compliance

CMMC Compliance

Looking for expert assistance with your CMMC compliance planning? Advantage Industries is now a Registered Provider Organization (RPO), and two of our staff members, Kevin Dubois and Matt McGinty, are now fully certified CMMC Registered Practitioners (RP).

Do you have expert assistance lined up for your CMMC compliance projects?

Right now, it may be hard to find. Given how new CMMC is, there aren’t many experts available to offer assistance. But that doesn’t mean you can put off your compliance assessment and remediation processes.

Allow us to help — Advantage Industries is now fully certified as an RPO, with two RPs on staff, positioning us as one of the few IT services companies currently capable of helping DoD contractors manage CMMC compliance.

What Are These Certifications?

  • Registered Provider Organization: As an RPO, Advantage Industries is prepared to guide DoD contractors through the CMMC compliance process, including liaising with a third party for certification. RPOs are authorized to represent your organization as familiar with the basic constructs of CMMC, and deliver non-certified CMMC consulting services.
  • Registered Practitioner: RPs are a critical resource for the CMMC compliance process. Kevin Dubois and Matt McGinty have been trained, tested, and vetted by the CMMC Accreditation Body in order to verify that they did not present any vulnerabilities which could be used against them by malicious third parties or foreign states.

What Do These Certifications Mean To You?

The bottom line is that these certifications put Advantage Industries in a position to streamline and simplify CMMC compliance initiatives. As an RPO with two RPs on staff, Advantage Industries can guide companies through the process end to end.

Our team will assess your current compliance, manage the remediation process firsthand, and directly liaise on your behalf with a party that will handle the certification. After compliance is certified, Advantage Industries can deliver ongoing support to ensure their certification is maintained.

Why Is CMMC Different Than Other Compliance Systems?

In October 2020, the DoD released their Interim Final Rule, which set a deadline for NIST compliance and a timeline for CMMC compliance. These new compliance standards not only put DoD contractors on the clock, but also presented them with far more rigorous expectations than they’ve been subject to before.

Unlike other compliance systems, CMMC is not a set of guidelines that can be met through self-assessment; CMMC requires authorized assessment and certification. This means it will be more costly, both in terms of time and money, for DoD contractors like you. In many cases, it will require you to work with multiple parties in order to certify compliance. One third-party to assess, another to remediate, and another to certify.

That’s why it’s so much simpler to partner with Advantage Industries for your CMMC compliance — we can guide you through the entire process, and work with any necessary third parties on your behalf as we do.

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