CMMC for Defense Contractors

The DoD established CMMC to eliminate the uncertainties associated with the current cybersecurity systems. Adopting a "Trust But Verify" accreditation strategy.

CMMC for Defense Contractors – What You Need to Know

The sky isn’t falling anytime soon. And CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) won’t complicate the process of getting Department of Defense contracts. The certification was released on January 30th January 2020. And the web is already filled with lots of misinformation on the impossibility of getting DoD contracts. Read on for more information about CMMC for defense contractors and what it means to you.

The good news is that manufacturers can leverage their respective Manufacturing Extension Partnerships. This is to familiarize themselves with the latest CMMC briefings. The extension partnerships are available in all the U.S. states. And will help you craft a reliable cybersecurity strategy as well as nurture a more resilient organization.

Currently, the DoD is working to develop the full CMMC framework. And there’s still a lot to learn if you wish to do business with the organization. This short-read offers insights on the essential CMMC elements for audit preparation as well as compliance to continue transacting with the DoD.

Why Did the DoD Create CMMC for Defense Contractors?

The DoD established CMMC to eliminate the uncertainties associated with the current cybersecurity systems. Adopting a “Trust But Verify” accreditation strategy. You no longer have to provide a POA&M (Plan of Action & Milestone). Alongside a promise to achieve cybersecurity compliance requirements at a later date.

With CMMC, DoD contractors must go through RFP Sections L and M to find their applicable CMMC level. The audit report determines whether to renew your current one or award you with a new one.

What Has Changed?

Defense contractors’ enhanced security standards came into effect in 2020. CMMC will require organizations to go through a certification process to heighten supply chain visibility as well as bolster security. The awarded level is what now determines our eligibility to place your bid on various contracts.

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification replaces the current self-certification approach as highlighted by DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement). It’s designed to enhance the protection of CDI (Covered Defense Information) and CUI (unclassified information) within the supply chain. According to some estimates, contractor networks hold more than 70 percent of DoD data.

The new requirements are attributed to the dynamic cybersecurity landscape. With advanced threats and exploits focused on DIB (Defense Industrial Base) and the entire supply chain.

Threat actors managed to get away with so much intellectual property as well as classified data. In fact, they successfully dissolved the country’s military and economic advantages. This was according to a 2019 Navy internal review.

Several adversaries have successfully exploited A&D organizations and US R&D capabilities in advanced weapon systems. Vital information like operation plans ends up in hackers’ hands.

Cybersecurity incidences cost the country billions of dollars every year. The substantial economic impact can expand dramatically as 5G connectivity continues rolling out more widely since the technology offers exponentially faster upload and download speeds. According to a 2019 joint study by National and European Commission cybersecurity experts, one of the organizations that face the highest threat levels is state actors.

Guidelines to Budgeting and Preparing for CMMC

The Department of Defense acknowledges that small and medium-sized entities face the challenge of implementing the proper security controls. Notably, this group is a critical contributor to the defense supply chain. As a result, both state and federal agencies continue to offer financial assistance for struggling entities to meet their CMMC certification and compliance expenses.

Considering the somewhat complicated nature of CMMC requirements, you must always be abreast with every new advancement as well as the amendment in the new regulations. This increases your chances of winning your first contract or extending yours.

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