CMMC in Washington DC

Advantage Industries helps government contractors in Washington DC who have to meet DFARS and CMMC compliance standards. We can help you prepare.

We Provide CMMC Washington DC Consultancy for DoD Contractors

  • Are you a U.S. Department of Defense contractor?
  • Does your business handle controlled government information as part of your DoD contract?
  • Do you want to avoid penalties and avoid losing your government contract due to lax data security?

Starting in 2017, the Department of Defense (DoD) required all of its subcontractors to complete a Plan of Action & Milestones (POA&M) and System Security Plan (SSP) to assess their cybersecurity policies in accordance with the department’s NIST 800-171 standard. The standard has 110 controls that are audited by a third party to analyze a subcontractor’s cybersecurity stance.

By ensuring that defense subcontractors have the requisite levels of cybersecurity processes and practices in place, the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), which is an update of the standard, protects the controlled unclassified information (CUI), which is held or transmitted by the subcontractor’s systems.

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Why You Should Consider CMMC Washington DC Compliance Services From Advantage Industries

From January 2020, the CMMC is an essential requirement for any organization that works as a contractor or subcontractor for the U.S. Department of Defense. According to the DoD, contractors need to comply with NIST 800-171 and have to be audited by a third party per DFARS Clause 252.204-7012.

If your company is a prime or subcontractor in the defense sector, you must seek CMMC compliance to obtain DoD contracts. For this reason, ensuring that you meet the requirements needed for accreditation should be a top priority for your business. However, you need to plan how to acquire the necessary knowledge and allocate the resources you need for approval.

Advantage Industries will help your business meet existing CMMC certification requirements in the short term and draw up a plan to future-proof your company from long term changes in CMMC compliance requirements.

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Our CMMC Washington DC Consulting for DoD Contractors

Advantage Industries provides you with compliance professionals and IT experts with experience working with DoD projects. Thanks to our proprietary resources and industry best practices, our team will play a key role in helping you achieve and maintain CMMC compliance.

Pre-Assessment Preparation

Because our experts understand the certification process’s tight timelines and challenges, Advantage Industries has pre-assessment procedures to help you understand the new requirements and prepare for third-party assessment of your cybersecurity. Our pre-assessment practice will walk you through all the control measures, so you can understand what certification assessors look for. They include:

  • Gap assessment
  • Internal and external network penetration testing
  • Pen testing of cloud environments
  • Penetration testing of web applications
  • End-to-end cybersecurity program development

CMMC Audit Assistance

Our partnership with you is based on a sense of mutual responsibility for your company’s CMMC compliance. Our audit assistance frameworks dictate the security requirements for CMMC compliance and ensure that we are fully accountable for your assessment’s success. For the implementation of the appropriate CMMC compliance level for your defense contracting business, we provide:

  • Professional representation from Advantage Industries’ experts with DoD experience who will work with your CMMC auditor
  • Working on control descriptions, offering evidence guidance, and providing justification
  • Compliance operationalization

Continuous Support

Once you receive your CMMC, it is vital to remain compliant. We leverage our extensive compliance expertise to maintain the rigorous engineering, program, technology, and implementation standards needed to comply with the necessary cybersecurity standards. We take the following steps to ensure that your CMMC compliance is future-proofed from policy changes:

  • Review and maintenance of governance documentation
  • Constant vulnerability scanning
  • Interpretation of controls
  • Continuous penetration testing
  • Systemization of your annual maintenance processes

We Help You Maintain Your DoD Contractor Status Through CMMC Compliance

No matter what your compliance requirement level, Advantage Industries CMMC Washington DC team will work with you to implement a cost-effective and repeatable cybersecurity strategy that will serve you for years. Our unique methodology helps decrease the complexity that many businesses associate with cybersecurity compliance. Do not lose out on lucrative DoD contracts. Talk to us today to ensure that you use your resources in the most effective way to attain CMMC compliance.

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