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Security Questionnaire

Please complete this form to the best of your knowledge. It will provide a baseline cybersecurity assessment and highlight security controls your organization may be deficient in.

Email Security

What is your email platform?(Required)
Do you pre-screen e-mails for potentially malicious attachments and links? (Spam Filter)(Required)
Do you provide a email quarantine service to your users?(Required)
Do you have the capability to automatically detonate and evaluate attachments in a sandbox to determine if malicious prior to delivery to the end-user?(Required)
Do you strictly enforce Sender Policy Framework (SPF) on incoming e-mails?(Required)
How often is phishing training conducted to all staff (e.g. monthly, quarterly,annually)?(Required)
Do you enforce Multi-Factor Authentication / Two-Factor Authentication (MFA/2FA) for email?(Required)
Do you use a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) tool to detect compromised or stolen email accounts?(Required)

Security Controls

This section addresses security controls on the Network, Server, PC, and Device Levels.
Do you use centrally administered antivirus/anti-malware software?(Required)
Do you use a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) or Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool across your network to detect and log unauthorized network access (hacking)?(Required)
Are computers and servers deployed with a standardized security hardened image or settings?(Required)
Do you conduct network vulnerability scans annually?(Required)
Do you utilize a patch management system for your computers and servers to ensure that they have correctly received and applied security updates from Microsoft or Apple?(Required)
In what time frame do you install critical and high severity patches across your enterprise?(Required)
If you have any end of life or end of support software, is it segregated from the rest of the network?(Required)
Do you have commercial-grade firewalls installed in all physical offices?(Required)
Do you use a 24/7/365 Security Operations center with the ability to shut down or isolate infected computers, servers, and email accounts?(Required)
Do your users have local admin rights on their laptop / desktop? Can they install programs themselves or do they need permission?(Required)
Can users run MS Office Macro enabled documents on their system by default?(Required)
Do you provide your users with a password manager software?(Required)
Do you enforce disk encryption on devices? (Computers, Laptops, Servers)(Required)

Backup and Recovery

Are servers backed up daily?(Required)
Are your backups kept separate from your network ('offline'), or in a cloud service designed for this purpose so that a hacker on your network cannot reach or erase them?(Required)
Do you use a Cloud storage or syncing service?(Required)

Do you use a 3rd party service to back up your Cloud Storage or Syncing service?(Required)
Have you tested the successful restoration and recovery of key server configurations and data from backups in the last 6 months?(Required)

Other Cybersecurity Measures

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