Database Solutions

Having issues with .csv files or flat text files?  Do you have a need for a database analyst? Do you ...
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Having issues with .csv files or flat text files?  Do you have a need for a database analyst? Do you need to refactor or rewrite queries for MS SQL or MySQL database applications?  Database management and administration is a core competency at Advantage, and we can manage existing or design new database solutions for your organization.

database solutions

Database design, migrations, maintenance and upgrades are right in our area of expertise and experience.

Database programming can be a sophisticated undertaking.  Whether you are creating from scratch, or refactoring and revising the queries and structures of a database, Advantage has expertise in creating and administering complex database systems.  We pay careful attention to:

  • The database structure
  • Query structure
  • Database performance
  • Data Integrity
  • Overhead, storage, backups

Careful planning and analysis is extremely important before a structure is created or the first query is written.  Advantage has the database programmers to get the job done on time and on budget.


Advantage has over two decades of designing, coding, installing and administering complex SQL databases.  It does not matter if your organization uses SQL on a local server, or if you’ve migrated to a cloud database system, such as in the Microsoft Azure cloud.  Our programmers and db admins understand how to efficiently manage business databases so your critical data is there when you need it most.


Don’t go it alone.  Let our decades of experience providing database solutions to our clients help YOUR business manage data to help you understand and leverage new potential business opportunities.

If your business runs SQL software or related SQL dependent software, and you are having issues with storage limits, lagging response times and / or data integrity, it is time for Advantage to take a peek to understand the issues and provide a plan of attack to fix these issues.  Call us today at (866) 443-8238.