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Advantage Industries prepares DoD contractors, manufacturing companies and other organizations for CMMC. We get to work to make sure you’re ready for an assessment which reduces your cost and effort by you to reach certification.

Compliance Standards

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Keeping Confidential Government/Military Information Secure From Unauthorized Access and Our Enemies Is Vital For Our National Security And Economy.

Organizations that process sensitive & confidential government data have only had to “self-attest” to their following of DFARS/NIST SP 800-171 standards… until now.

This approach hasn’t worked very well. Security breaches, data loss, and other cyber events are evidence that a new standard needed to be implemented.  The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a government-mandated level of attestation for any organization wanting to do work with the US Department of Defence and other highly sensitive government organizations.

CMMC will be a “must-have” requirement to be awarded a contract with the DoD. It’s time to take the step to prepare for CMMC certification or risk losing those lucrative government contracts.

June 2020

CMMC requirements are expected to begin appearing in Requests for Information (RFIs)

Q1/Q2 2021

CMMC requirements are expected to begin appearing in Requests for Proposal (RFPs)


All new DoD contracts are expected to contain CMMC requirements