Government Services

Advantage understands how to work with government agencies to finish projects on time, within spec and on budget.

Advantage has worked at the local, State and Federal level, providing outstanding quality and high performance marks to our elected officials, their staff and government agencies.

Project Management

  • Assist clients with establishing project objectives and subsequent execution of the tasks Provide assistance with regard to project management and the set-up of protocols for action.
  • Advantage has acted as project manager with experience in all areas of IT related services.

Performance & Quality Management

  • Develop and implement guidelines and responsibilities to ensure quality control and best practices where those guidelines are not in place.
  • Analyze performance results and refine the procedures to ensure quality control goals are being met and maintained.
  • Research and enhance procedures to augment Quality Control measures already in place.

Information Management

  • Assist with the management and tracking of data and records with our software applications.
  • Ability to integrate with existing enterprises to implement a user-friendly and efficient solution.
  • Analyze data and determine key elements to capture required information in a secure manner.


  • Ability to research and validate information technology systems plans.
  • Apply sound accounting standards to a projects designated budget.
  • Experience with creating the data to explore established marketing strategies and suggest those are most cost effective.

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