IT Solutions in Washington DC

Advantage Industries provides IT support in Baltimore, MD, and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Searching for a reliable IT support company? Advantage Industries here is to be your trusted IT support company.
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IT Solutions in Washington DC

Advantage Industries provides reliable IT solutions in Washington DC. Searching for a reliable IT support company? Advantage Industries here is to be your trusted IT company.

 Innovative IT Solutions & Proactive Support for Growing Businesses in Washington DC 

  • Does your in-house IT team need help in handling support tickets and routine maintenance tasks?
  • Is your business prepared to handle the aftermath of an unexpected and devastating data loss event?
  • Do you have robust security to ensure that a cyberattack does not compromise your network and business systems?

You have two options when it comes to the management of your technology assets – you could set up a large and expensive team of in-house IT professionals, or you could outsource your business to Advantage Industries. We provide enterprise-class support at a fraction of the price. We offer you IT Solutions Washington DC, delivered by a large team of specialist IT experts. We will help you navigate the implementation of new technology, boost the security of your network and other data systems, and provide strategic advice at a cost you can afford.

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Why Do Companies in Washington DC Trust our IT Solutions?

As your small- or mid-sized company expands, complex business processes and increased responsibilities to your clients mean that you need to adopt a wide array of new and emerging technologies to provide the level of service they expect. Besides requiring these tools to work efficiently, you also need to ensure that the larger volumes of client data you store are protected. According to the Public Policy Forum, a small in-house IT team could expose serious skills gaps that could lower productivity or introduce security risks when migrating to new technologies. Our skilled IT professionals provide businesses in Washington, D.C. with:

  • Extensive industry experience
  • Dedication and skill
  • A proactive approach to your IT issues
  • High availability and reliability

Advantage IT Solutions for Businesses 

Your employees are at their most productive when they can focus on their core duties without worrying about the reliability of the technology they use. We provide the services below to ensure that your IT infrastructure is highly available and efficient:

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Managed IT Support

Your growing business relies on its digital infrastructure and networks to be available whenever they are needed. However, there will inevitably be occasional issues with your network, hardware, or software. Do not allow system glitches to stop you from providing your customers with products or services. Advantage Industries’ IT solution Washington DC provides:

  • Desktop maintenance
  • Setup of routers and firewalls
  • Server setup and maintenance
  • Network setup and monitoring
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Disaster Recovery

There are many ways for you to lose your business’s critical data – an employee could accidentally delete an important file, a natural disaster could hit your location, or a hacker could target you. All these sudden events could cause you to suffer downtime, lower your staff’s productivity, impact your profits, and even threaten your business’s existence. Advantage Industries has experts who are skilled in designing and implementing business continuity strategies to help you mitigate the impact of an unexpected system outage. We aim to provide the following features to ensure that your business is back up and running as swiftly as possible:

  • 24/7 monitoring of potential threats
  • Quick recovery of your backup data
  • Multiple remote backups for redundancy
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Cybersecurity Management

recent study forecasts that by 2021, cybercrime acts will cost businesses at least $6 trillion each year. As a growing business, you cannot afford to lose a single cent due to a cyber-breach. Advantage Industries has cybersecurity management solutions and risk management services to help you identify threats, nullify them, or recover from a successful attack. We offer:

  • Anti-malware
  • Email scanning
  • Firewalls
  • Staff training
  • Security assessments

Let Advantage Industries Help You Leverage Technology and Gain a Competitive Edge

In-house IT staff at small- and mid-sized companies require help when it comes to comprehensive IT solution support. A smaller business needs its staff to focus on growth and not be distracted by routine maintenance tasks. Talk to the experts at Advantage Industries and discover a cost-effective way to handle all your IT needs.

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