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Who Provides Reliable IT Support In Maryland?

If you want to focus on your core business instead of constantly dealing with technology issues, you must get IT support in Maryland. Computers play a role in accelerating the growth of companies, and it’s essential to ensure they work optimally at all times. As companies become more dependent on technology in their operations, they need a dedicated team of IT professionals to keep the systems and networks running effectively.

Unfortunately, finding a reliable IT support service provider in Maryland is sometimes an uphill task. With the rise of many companies that claim to offer the best IT support, it can be frustrating and time-consuming to sift through the wheat and chaff. However, with Advantage Industries, your search and frustration come to an end.

Why Advantage Industries?

For close to two decades, the Advantage industries team has worked with various clients in providing sound technology solutions for improved business efficiency. The company is located in Columbia, Maryland, and serves clients in Washington, DC and Baltimore. Services depend on the understanding that clients’ needs vary from one situation to another. For the solution provided to be sound and reliable, it requires expertise, focus, and resources.

When dealing with an IT support provider, you expect that they have the right software. With the right tools in place, a service provider can efficiently and promptly provide quality customer service and reports. A reliable IT service provider also ensures your files and sensitive information are well protected from cybercriminals. This way, you can free up your time from worrying about cybersecurity and concentrate on other crucial business functions.

This is what Advantage Industries strives to do. The aim is to help you keep up with the ever-evolving world of information technology. By working with this service provider, you will benefit from the following managed services:

IT Consulting 

The IT consulting services come in handy to help you select and implement the right technology seamlessly. As your company continues to evolve, Advantage Industries will guide you in making the necessary adjustments for a competitive edge. In all this, you won’t struggle with the implementation phase, as support is available to help with temporary augmentation or significant upgrades. Consulting services include, but are not limited to:

  • Threat and security system assessment
  • Cloud-based email implementation
  • Migration from legacy systems
  • Implementation of document management solutions
  • Application hosting on cloud-based providers
  • Data loss prevention
  • Data back up and recovery

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IT Support 

All businesses, small and large alike, require IT support services. These include business continuity programs to help them recover from disasters and get back on their feet. Back-up and data recovery management come in handy in protecting a business from closure after severe disasters. Advantage Industries works around all critical IT infrastructure to identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks for maximum ROI.

The IT support services also entail computer support to help eliminate glitches and downtime that can be costly for a company. This way, your company remains online with a dedicated IT team working behind the scenes and being on call whenever you have a computer issue. Unlike a call center, the team at Advantage Industries is well-versed with your computer products and how you use them. Support services thus come through promptly to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Wireless Networking

As the business world moves towards a wireless office network, cutting the computer cables can leave sensitive data vulnerable to hacking. Professionals at Advantage Industries help in the maintenance and regular updating of your wireless network. You can rest assured that your financial and personal information is safe.


Your business must protect customer data at all times. Advantage Technologies offers a myriad of cybersecurity services to help you in this quest:

  • Advanced threat protection to protect your systems and networks against threats and exploits: with such protective measures in place, your business can easily detect hacking attempts and stop them in their tracks.
  • Anti-spam service for enhanced email security from attacks by ransomware, malware, and spam
  • Firewall management for the latest security features and updates and security incidents monitoring.
  • SIEM and log management to analyze and review threats and provide the appropriate remediation.
  • Vulnerability scanning management for network and data security protection: Advantage Industries uses industry standards to establish vulnerabilities and manage threats proactively.
  • Threat monitoring and cyber-attack defense to help reduce the occurrence of future successful attacks.
  • Alienvault services for comprehensive security monitoring in a single platform 
  • Microsoft 365 2FA to add a layer of security to your online accounts to reduce phishing attempts
  • Cybersecurity training to combat and protect sensitive company data 

Discover how we help ensure your cybersecurity is 100%.

CMMC Compliance 

With network and computers being one of the hottest topics right now, there is no doubt that you need to work towards becoming cybersecurity compliant. If yours is a contractor business that works with the government, you know that you must be CMMC compliant to continue holding that position.

CMMC refers to a set of regulations by the defense industrial base (DIB) to reduce the risk of cybersecurity breaches. The requirements serve to ensure that your organization has basic cyber hygiene for the recommended cybersecurity processes.

When your business is CMMC compliant, you can secure and manage controlled unclassified information (CUI) with ease. If a cybersecurity incident happens, the Department of Defense expects that your company provides a comprehensive report. Advantage Industries is here to help you achieve this compliance by analyzing your company’s cyber behavior like:

  • Recovery solutions
  • Asset management
  • Cybersecurity governance
  • Situational awareness

Discover more on how Advantage Industries helps with CMMC compliance.

Outsourcing to Advantage Industries Enables Growth for Your Company

Advantage Industries has a comprehensive suite of IT support services in Maryland to meet your business needs. By outsourcing to the company, you will get more than just reactive support. The solutions available are proactive to keep a watchful eye over your entire business network. Working with the team eliminates your technology-related problems before you even know you had them.

The managed IT security solutions allow you to have peace of mind, knowing that all threats are detected and stopped before they happen. If you’re looking for up-to-date protective solutions and professional, fast-responding, and reliable managed IT support in Maryland, look no further than Advantage Industries. Call or get in touch by sending an email today for an initial consultation.

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