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Save Time and Money with Expert Corporate IT Support in Washington DC

  • Do you run a small IT department that is wasting time on routine support tasks?
  • Do you need to provide support to remote workers and distributed locations?
  • Is your current IT support budget too high for your growing business?

For many companies, specifically small and mid-sized businesses, having a large IT department is beyond their reach. As a result, in-house technicians spend most of their time carrying out routine maintenance tasks instead of concentrating on growth initiatives.

Managed IT support not only frees your in-house staff to perform more strategic tasks, but it saves you money as well. An International Data Corporation (IDC) study for IBM titled the Business Value of Managed Services shows that companies save just under $400,000 annually per 100 users using managed IT services.

According to BusinessWire, IT downtime costs businesses as much as $10,000 per hour in lost profits. If your systems are down for significant periods, your small or mid-sized business could struggle to get back to its feet. When your company signs up for IT support in Washington DC, you can expect lower downtime and enjoy access to more reliable technology resources.

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IT Support Washington DC

Our IT Support Services for Companies in Washington DC

Advantage Industries is a leading provider of managed IT services. We have the expertise to help you isolate the critical threats to your IT infrastructure and provide proactive fixes before they bring your systems down. We offer the following IT support services to companies in Washington DC:

24/7/365 Monitoring of Your Network, Workstations, and Servers

Advantage Industries provides comprehensive IT infrastructure monitoring to catch any security breaches or potential points of failure. Our managed IT services involve an aggressive strategy of monitoring three main components of your system:

  • Workstations: User hardware, devices, and desktops are commonly the first points of failure. We provide remote monitoring to keep them running efficiently.
  • Network: We monitor different components of your network, including software, operating systems, databases, routers, and switches, to ensure effective communication.
  • Servers: We measure the usage of system resources, including memory, processes, storage, and CPU usage, and find ways to optimize performance.

Unlimited Remote Support

Our Advanced Plan offers unlimited remote support to ensure that we quickly resolve any IT issues you encounter. Using a secure connection featuring access levels that you determine and which we include in our contract, our technicians and engineers can troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix any hardware and software problems you have without visiting your location. Our remote support offers the following advantages:

  • Simplified regular maintenance
  • Faster resolution of problems
  • Lower costs
  • Access to our advanced diagnostic tools

On-Site Technical Support

We understand that we cannot provide all our IT support in Washington remotely, so we also include on-site technician hours as part of our support package for maintenance activities that need a more hands-on approach. On-site support is particularly crucial if a break-fix intervention is required, as the technician can get a better feel for the physical condition of your hardware and critical infrastructure.

By interacting with end-users in your organization, technicians can observe problems and faulty processes first-hand and collect recommendations.

Minimize the Impact of Downtime with Advantage’s 
IT Support in Washington DC

Downtime of your workstations, servers, or network will cost you time and money, impacting your growing business’s profitability. Although you cannot eliminate downtime, especially from power outages, extreme weather, or a natural disaster, Advantage Industries will help you minimize downtime’s impact on your operations caused by the low maintenance of systems. Call us today for an extensive range of tech advisory services and IT Support in Washington DC.

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