Microsoft SharePoint: The Ultimate Guide

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explain what MS SharePoint is. Plus, what your business stands to gain from using this transformative system. So let's jump right in!

Microsoft SharePoint: The Ultimate Guide

Does your company use Microsoft SharePoint to empower your teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively? If not, then you’re missing out on a lot of goodies on matters of storing, organizing, sharing, and accessing critical business files and information. But all’s not lost as we’re here to help you make the switch from outdated data management systems to a more tech-savvy approach.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain what MS SharePoint is. Plus, what your business stands to gain from using this transformative system. So let’s jump right in!

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

In a word, SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform tied to Microsoft Office and 365 ecosystems. Think of it as an internal website for your organization. Or as a server, as it hosts documents as well as multiple Microsoft applications. Including Teams, OneDrive, the Office Suite, Exchange Email, plus accounting or business intelligence tools like Dynamics.

In essence, MS SharePoint integrates workflow applications, security features, databases, and other web parts to empower business teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively. What’s more, the system enables your company to restrict access to classified information. And automate different processes across multiple business departments.

Why Should You Take Advantage of Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint has several features and benefits that can come in handy. Streamlining processes and enhancing productivity, security, convenience, teamwork, etc., among your business teams. Here are the top reasons why you want to invest in this transformative technology as a business leader:

SharePoint is an Intranet Site

SharePoint is an excellent intranet solution that opens doors for multiple options. Thanks to its integration with office 365 and other Microsoft tools. This enables you to create a memorable digital workplace experience. While also binding together custom apps for advanced workflow and seamless automation.

For instance, you can leverage SharePoint to create a homepage of all the tools and websites your company uses to execute its duties. And that’s overly useful. Especially for new staff who can effortlessly access all workplace tools and websites from a common tool rather than bothering your HR or the IT department.

As an intranet, SharePoint can also add up as your internal blog site for posting critical information. Like company news, useful links, and tools, HR forms, company/department calendars, project or team pages, etc. And the best part? If you have specific information that you only need a particular cohort of teams to access, e.g., accounts payable, you can set up a sub-site where they can have their documents, information, schedules, best practices, procedures, etc.

SharePoint is a File Server

There are several turnkey solutions for storing files, including MS Office and Google Drive. But why should you consider SharePoint as your go-to file server? Besides the essential file storage procedures, using SharePoint as your preferred server also brings you some awe-inspiring additional benefits.

For starters, you get a lot of storage space that’s built-in. Meaning you won’t be paying anything extra other than your email licensing fees. In particular, your company gets 1TB of storage, and on top of that, each team member receives an additional 10GB. Plus, SharePoint storage is overwhelmingly scalable. Such that if you need extra space, you can simply purchase at an additional fair price.

And another thing, the system is so flexible that you can either access your files via the SharePoint website or Windows explorer. You’ll also love the fact that SharePoint is accessible anywhere and securely so. Thus, even if you have remote staff, they can effortlessly access, edit, or share work files. Without needing additional services like a VPN since Microsoft manages the security through their internal protocols. Last but not least, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a web browser, Windows, Mac, or Android. It’s accessible across multiple devices.

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SharePoint is Collaborative

Empowering your teams to work together on a joint project, consult or share information across different units has never been easier with MS SharePoint. And in case you’re wondering, the file-sharing process is overly secure. Since Microsoft leverages its internal security protocols to prevent any breaches.

SharePoint enables teams to share files securely and directly from their website, your computer’s file explorer, email, or the Office Suite through a simple drag-and-drop process. Thanks to the granular sharing permissions, you can control who can edit, download, or read your document.

The other impressive capability is that you can collaborate externally with clients or partner organizations by simply sharing documents instead of emailing back and forth. This saves you tons of time and doesn’t cost additional fees since everything is encompassed under your 365 license.

SharePoint is an Application Hub

SharePoint is the back-end hub for all the applications your business needs to execute its processes and functions. Think of the file-sharing bit as just the tip of the iceberg. And there’s a huge load down below that you can fill with applications relevant to your business.

Some of the most notable integrations include;

  • The Office Suite – enabling you to save files directly to SharePoint.
  • Teams – it’s suitable for staff collaboration and conferencing.
  • Email – with SharePoint and Email credentials integrated, you no longer need to remember your passwords to access your accounts.
  • Business intelligence and analytics tools.
  • Third-party applications.
  • Project management integration with Microsoft Project and Cloud.
  • And many more…

SharePoint is Overly Secure

Microsoft is your go-to company in matters of security and compliance. Using SharePoint guarantees you maximal data security, both internally and externally, by ensuring that only authorized individuals can access specific files or folders. Some of SharePoint’s top security protocols include:

  • Windows active directory user & permissions management. This feature enables you to protect sensitive organizational information by granting access permissions only to authorized individuals or departments like accounting, HR, risk management, etc.
  • Two-factor authentication. SharePoint also comes with built-in 2FA controls that can come in handy in protecting your company’s sensitive data from phishing, ransomware, or similar attacks.
  • Compliance. Microsoft is a key player in security and compliance as it meets all industry regulations as required by HIPAA, GDPR, and DoD CMMC.

SharePoint is Affordable

Provided you have the latest 365 email plans, licensing should be the least of your worries as it’s overly inexpensive. What’s more, you can collaborate with a reliable IT services company like Advantage Industries to help you reduce the costs of new servers or eliminate your on-site servers by migrating to SharePoint.

Furthermore, SharePoint eliminates the need to spend extra on VPN licenses for remote work as it’s accessible anywhere. So by acquiring the Office 365 plan, which starts at $8.25 per user per month, you can enjoy access to SharePoint plus all the invaluable features and capabilities accompanying it.

Final Remarks: Is MS SharePoint Worth Your Investment?

You bet it is! Microsoft SharePoint is, by far, the best collaborative platform that you can find on the market today. From teamwork enhancement to data management, the software provides tons of solutions to help your business realize increased workplace productivity, efficiency, compliance, and massive cost reduction. You surely can’t afford to miss out on these life-changing business opportunities.

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