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Advantage offers managed services with our Basic and Advanced managed network services plans. We realize that small businesses in various …

Advantage offers managed services with our Basic and Advanced managed network services plans.  We realize that small businesses in various industries have unique needs.  Our managed services plans are flexible and tailored to provide maximum operating efficiency for your systems, users and end customers. We also offer customized service plans which can be tailored to specific client needs.  If you are unhappy with your current IT Managed Service Provide, please ask us for a Managed Services Renewal Proposal.



24 x 7 x 365 Workstation and Server Monitoring

Advantage Industries will provide 24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring of your servers.


In leveraging the experience of working with complex systems for over 10 years, many problems that modern servers face can be identified and prevented through the monitoring of key precursors to problems. Advantage Managed Services can identify these traits before a negative impact is made on your business processes, and can often automate the corrective steps, solving problems before they interrupt business.


Unlimited Remote Support

Advantage Industries will provide Unlimited Remote Support for your infrastructure,  (only with the Advanced Plan) with essentially instant remote access to the servers and workstations when required. This will result in tremendous time savings for your business, and allows our best available technicians to resolve most possible issues regardless of their physical location.


All remote access is done through a secure connection, with levels of access determined by the client and secured by contract.

Advantage Industries will provide On-Site Technician Hours for the IT infrastructure of your business,  delivering hands-on support and access for maintenance activities. While the bulk of the tasks that may be required can be performed remotely, there are still some processes that require a warm body and a smart mind on location.


A physical presence also allows for a true observation of the physical conditions of the hardware and its environments, providing a more encompassing awareness of your critical infrastructure. Plus, through end-user interaction, problems or faulty processes can be observed first-hand; allowing for recommendations to be submitted along the appropriate channel to ensure the smooth continued operation of your business.


Personalized Customer Service

Advantage Industries will provide Personalized Customer Service for your business, allowing a dedicated point of contact who is familiar with your architecture and organizational needs. The entire infrastructure will be well documented, keeping Advantage Industries corporately aware of every component in place.


Should any circumstance arise where your dedicated point of contact is not available to resolve any critical issues, the leveraged experience of any of our highly qualified, highly skilled Network Engineers will be able to utilize our documentation to provide the levels of service that are expected.


Anti-Virus & Spyware Solutions

Advantage Industries will provide Anti-Virus & Spyware Solutions, providing industry leading levels of protection for the critical infrastructure.


Deep system scans will be performed during off-peak hours to minimize the potential performance impact of the servers, with regularly applied updates to virus and malware definitions ensuring Enterprise levels of protection.


Patch Management

Advantage Industries will provide Patch Management, ensuring continued security and stability for the critical infrastructure. Advantage Industries will communicate with your specialized software vendor to receive approval for installation prior to any new patches being applied.


Handheld Support

Advantage Industries will provide Handheld Support, ensuring continued connectivity for your workforce. From iPhones, and Windows Mobile to Android, Advantage Industries can manage the best value for your options and business needs.


Backup Monitoring

With Advanced services Advantage Industries will provide Backup Monitoring for your servers, ensuring continued security and stability for the critical infrastructure. Advantage Industries will work with your business to identify suggested industry standard backup policies to implement and augment your current backup procedures.



Detailed Reporting
Advantage Industries will provide Executive Summary reports for your business, illustrating the health and maintenance steps taken to ensure the continued reliable operation of the critical infrastructure. Status reports will be delivered monthly to the dedicated company liaison, with additional reports available upon request.


Inventory Reporting
Advantage Industries provides Inventory Reporting for your business, providing awareness and accountability for your critical infrastructure. Through automated system specification retrievals, information about the server and workstation components will be instantly available with the click of a button. Component hardware failures can be quickly tracked, with specifications for replacements identifiable and confirmed.


Vendor Management

Advantage Industries will provide Vendor Management for your business, removing the internal burden of vendor coordination to ensure the continued reliable operation of the critical infrastructure.

As the authorized point of contact, Advantage Industries will work with whomever your business has a service level agreement for infrastructure hardware and most software projects, ensuring the maximum efficient use of infrastructure with the minimal level of intrusion to your business processes.


Infrastructure & Budget Reviews

Advantage Industries will provide Infrastructure & Budget reviews for your business, identifying opportunities to maximize the potential of existing and future infrastructure purchases. Advantage Industries will always recommend the most cost effective plan of action, keeping the needs and goals of your unique operation clearly in mind.

In our role as your partner, we will work to both build and stay within your functional budget, ensuring the highest possible return on your infrastructure investments.


If you’re wondering what this means for you, it comes down to this – there will be no patches or security updates, putting your applications and business at risk. New threats won’t be addressed for computers with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008r2 operating systems and those systems will become a security risk and compliance nightmare. As your Trusted IT Partner, we recommend that all systems running Windows 7 and Windows 2008r2 are retired prior to December 31, 2019.
  • Scans are the first step to diagnose any weakness in your network

  • Receive a comparative score of overall network health

  • Identify undiagnosed viruses, trojans, malware and ransomware

  • Managed services and remediation can start immediately

  • Improve risk compliance and understand the risks moving forward

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