The majority of our clients have between 10-200 computer workstations. Their organization needs internet, email, computers, printers, a few servers and some software applications to keep their business running. In most of these cases Managed Services will take care of all of their needs.


However all companies are not the same, you may just need technical support a few times a month. Your company may be a bit smaller, not need an in-house IT staff person, or you may not need proactive or managed support. This is where Advantage Industries can help with its On-Demand services.


We can fill in the gaps in your organization and provide the technical advice, help and support, whether it be remote or on-site, when you need it. We provide technical support with installations, configuration and changes to your computer or server, virus and malware cleanup, email, security, software setup, purchasing advice or anything else you need. We can give you a better understanding of your business technology needs and make recommendations on how your business process and technology can be improved.


At Advantage Industries, we are committed to providing each client with high-quality technology assistance and services that are just a phone call away. Contact us today by calling us at 866-443-8238 or by filling out the form on the right side to find out more about Advantages On-Demand support services.