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3 Ways Outsourced IT Services in Baltimore Save Money

Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other decision-makers are tasked with making critical decisions about corporate structures. One of the pivotal questions that must be answered is whether to staff an in-house department or outsource IT services in Baltimore?

The way organizations address IT management will have long-term implications on cost, oversight, cybersecurity, and strategic planning, among other issues. CFOs, on the other hand, typically want to focus on how outsourcing IT services in Baltimore can save money.

IT Services In Baltimore

Eliminate Professional Development Expenses

According to resources such as the online employment giant Indeed, the average U.S. salary for in-house IT technicians exceeds $80,000 per year. This base does not necessarily include ongoing education, training, and professional development.

When companies staff IT departments, they routinely discover that these technicians quickly turn into living, breathing help desks. They spend much of their work hours assisting employees in fixing computer glitches, login issues, and running standard antivirus software programs. Garnering knowledge about evolving technology innovations and emerging cybersecurity threats requires additional time and money investments. Outsourcing provides businesses with access to professionals who possess necessary next-generation knowledge and training without increased investment.

Outsourced IT Services In Baltimore Improves Cybersecurity

The cost of a cybersecurity breach can effectively break a small or mid-sized business. And, large companies that suffer so-called “mega-breaches” that garner splashy headlines may never recover their reputation. These are some of the eye-raising implications organizations suffer at the hands of hackers, according to a recent IBM study.

  • Average Data Breach Compromises 25,575 Records
  • Financial Loss Per Record Averages $150
  • Business Take Upwards of 279 Days To Identify & Mitigate Breaches
  • Average Global Cost Per Data Breach Nearly $4 Million
  • U.S. Data Breach Losses Top $8 Million

“About one-third of data breach costs occurred more than one year after a data breach incident in the 86 companies we were able to study over multiple years,” the IBM 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report states. “While an average of 67 percent of breach costs came in the first year, 22 percent accrued in the second year after a breach, and 11 percent of costs occurred more than two years after a breach.”

When companies outsource cybersecurity IT services in Baltimore, they gain access to professionals with a primary focus on protecting digital assets. Given this training would likely require companies to expand an in-house department, CFOs won’t need to increase spending for enhanced cybersecurity protections.

Outsourcing IT Services in Baltimore Aligns Costs with Goals

In-house technicians tend to spend their time putting out digital fires. When companies outsource their IT services in Baltimore, that facet can be rolled into an online Help Desk. Such labor-intensive aspects of IT can easily be managed remotely. This opens the door for industry leaders to align IT infrastructure and planning with goal achievement strategically.

For example, the cost of managed IT support can be negotiated into a flexible monthly agreement based on need and usage. When industry leaders are prepared to formulate forward-thinking measures such as disruption mitigation, increased Cloud footprints, or invest in remote workforces, among others, expert IT consultations can be part of the package. Not only do savvy CFOs save money by outsourcing IT solutions, but CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other thought leaders also gain a critical competitive edge.

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