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Advantage Industries specializes in helping companies wanting to outsource their TI services and IT support.

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Focused on delivering outcomes, Advantage Industries helps you expedite business transformation with an effective model for managing your IT services. Count on the team at Advantage Industries to help you reduce the costs and complexities of supporting hardware, applications, and network environments across your organization. We offer a comprehensive selection of IT outsourcing services to simplify your operations from workstation and server monitoring, unlimited remote support, to patch management and vendor management.

Leveraging the Expertise of a Maryland Outsourced IT Services Company

Unlock access to advanced technology, enterprise-grade expertise, and innovation, by leveraging the knowledge and skills of a leading outsourced Managed IT services provider. Outsourcing some or all of your organization’s core business functions to a managed IT services provider can free up significant human resources that can eventually be redirected to strategic tasks – delivering swift results.

Every organization is unique and complexities vary. Your IT services provider should be able to deliver technology solutions that add value to your organization and help it grow and succeed. Advantage Industries offers comprehensive and customized IT solutions based on an understanding of your industry, unique requirements, and core objectives.

A partnership with Advantage Industries enables successful digital transformations that are powered by our innovative and advanced IT services and solutions, all tailored to support the needs of your organization and address your most intricate challenges. While the early days of outsourcing focused more on reducing costs, today’s leaders rely on an IT solutions partner to also help increase response and reaction capabilities—a significant difference-maker in the digital era. We serve as an extension of your organization to effectively manage your organization’s complex environment.

Benefit From the Cost Savings When Compared to an In-House IT Team

Within the last year, many organizations reduced their IT budgets to manage the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. More organizations are searching for ways to reduce costs without reducing efficiencies, and some are exploring ways to outsource their core IT support requirements.

At Advantage Industries, we offer a range of flexible and customized outsourced IT support solutions that will support your needs – for those working in the office and for those working remotely.

Outsourcing is also a viable option for organizations experiencing a spike in their IT costs and for organizations that currently lack the proper  IT standards. When IT is not dependable and is slow to react to organizational needs or IT maintenance costs have overtaken your budget, outsourcing becomes progressively attractive.

Reduce Your Risks and Increase Flexibility

Technology can be rather expensive, and one wrong decision can be costly and damaging. Advantage Industries has a solid foundation of experience that is at the core of making the best technical decisions. If change is needed, we have the tools and resources to help you make a seamless transition. Your organization needs proactive and reactive IT services and solutions.

Proactive IT solutions are designed to reduce the likelihood of future risks and reactive IT solutions are designed to provide a swift response in the event a serious issue occurs. All of our IT services and solutions are backed by due diligence to ensure risks are reduced when undergoing digital transformation – empowering you to have more flexibility throughout the entire process and receive the following:


software, hardware, and project management and user experience, delivered by our personalized customer service


organization insight, to assist your organization in its efforts to grow and succeed


IT services and solutions that deliver significant cost savings and swift results

With resources available at every corner for scaling, to seamlessly meet the needs of your organization – it is possible to deliver projects more effectively than having to put an internal IT team together or making changes to the job responsibilities of your existing staff.

Utilizing the expertise of an IT services provider in service and project management will mean greater success with implementation, allowing you to deliver service improvements. As a result, more risks will be reduced when your IT services partner takes on more responsibilities because of the cutting-edge skills and expertise your IT partner has in managing risks around applications, hardware, security, data, and compliance.

What Are the Signs Your Organization Needs to Outsource IT Services?

  • Employees are having difficulties being 100 percent productive, and they are running into problems accessing applications, resources, and data outside the office
  • Your organization is growing but you cannot enjoy the success due to the difficulties you are facing in IT
  • Too much time and resources are being spent on the management and maintenance of your current applications and hardware
  • You do not have clear insight into your IT expenses because the costs are becoming too unpredictable

Advantage Industries will ensure your organization’s IT network and IT infrastructure are optimized and operating efficiently at all times. Therefore, we will manage and monitor performances using cutting-edge technology and tools – allowing us to receive alerts when there is any chance that a potential issue exists to ensure there is little to no disruption to your organization.

We understand that no two organizations operate in the same manner. We will work closely with you to gain a clear understanding of how your organization works and build an outsourced IT service and support solution that works best for your organization and your future development plans. As a provider of IT outsourcing in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD areas. Advantage Industries provides managed outsourced IT services and support for organizations across the DC Metro area.

Whether you feel you need to make the switch from your current IT provider or you need to free up resources within your existing IT team, partnering with the right outsourced IT support provider is critical and there are several things you need to consider before making the switch to a new provider. Your organization will get access to a team of engineers and consultants. We have teams specializing in network support, digital transformation, business continuity consultancy, cybersecurity, and more.

Advantage Industries’ experience with IT outsourcing is vast. We can put your organization on the right track with a variety of options designed to meet the needs of your organization. A member of our team looks forward to discussing your needs in more detail. Whatever your needs may be, contact us today.

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