Do You Have A Plan For The Future Of Your Business?

Have You Written Your Plan For The Future Of Your Business Post COVID-19?

No matter when you intend to bring your staff back into the office, you need to have a plan to make sure it’s done safely and effectively.

Have you given any thought to the way your business will operate in a post-pandemic world?

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Once the pandemic has concluded, you’ll likely be working in one of three potential scenarios:

  • Your entire staff returns to work in the office, requiring you to implement practices to maintain social distance and keep high-traffic and high-contact areas disinfected
  • Some of your staff returns to work in the office, and some continue working remotely, requiring you to manage a hybrid IT environment
  • All of your staff continue to work remotely, requiring you to assess and improve the remote IT environment you’ve been using so far

The bottom line is that however you’ve managed remote work so far, if it’s to be a part of your long-term vision for your organization, then you need to make sure it’s optimized and secure.

The rush to pivot to remote work at the start of the pandemic prioritized access to data with basic security measures. Now that the rush is over, it’s time to implement more advanced and robust cybersecurity defenses.

Questions To Answer Before You Return To The Office

Are Your Employees Comfortable Returning To Work?

First, consider the human element. Employees don’t have the same say as executives making the call to reopen the office, but it’s important to have communication with everyone involved to understand their thoughts, ideas, and concerns. Those who work in a high-contact industry, for instance, may have many questions about reopening. For starters, will wearing masks in the office cause problems?

Try to be inclusive of the people who are concerned. There are many health and safety measures you will need to incorporate, including:

  • The use of face masks and hand sanitizer
  • Regular cleaning throughout the day
  • Testing employee temperatures upon arrival (Talk to us about getting protective screening equipment for your office.)

What Changes Did You Make To Work Processes That Should Be Kept?

Whether you plan to continue with remote work or not, if you implemented new practices for time management, communication, or other workplace priorities that helped to boost productivity and engagement, then you should continue with them.

What Changes Did You Make To Work Processes That Should Not Be Kept?

On the other hand, if you found that some new processes or the nature of remote work itself led to delays and lowered productivity, there’s no reason to keep them going. This is especially important when you’re determining who on your team will continue with remote work. If someone did not thrive in the remote setting, you should bring them back into the office as soon as you can.

Are You Ready For A Second Wave Of The Pandemic?

Although you may be able to bring your staff into the office at some point, it’s important not to forget all the hard lessons learned during this pandemic. A second wave is a distinct possibility, and so, you need to make sure you have a viable remote work plan in place that can be launched quickly.

Regardless of when you return to the office, and whether it’s your entire staff or just part of it, you have to manage the process carefully. The health of your employees, the security of your data, and the productivity of your business as a whole will be on the line.

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