What Programs Are Running On Your Network?

You know that you have computers, printers, and maybe a server or two on your network, but do you know if that's all you have connected?
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Do You Know For Certain What Programs Are Running On Your Network?

Today, I want to ask you about what is running on your network? Sure, we have computers, printers, scanners, and some of you may still have the odd server or two, but what is running on your computer network?

You may have a map of all the devices connected (less than 20% of companies have one that is 90% accurate or more), but what about the software running on those devices? How much of that software should be there? Is there a keylogger on someone’s computer collecting usernames and passwords? How many of those programs are stealing your information, your data?

Protect Your Information

When I meet with a new potential client, I always pull a copy of their dark web report to show which company credentials are for sale on the dark web. In the past 9 months, I have pulled over 100 reports. There were only two companies that did NOT have credentials for sale.

Maybe you have an unauthorized WiFi device that a group of people are using to share access to the network – leaving the company exposed? Perhaps you have former “unhappy” employees sharing your entire client list to their Google Drive without your knowledge? Maybe you have happy employees that are being paid by someone to share that information?

Lots of questions to ask.

Every one of these issues hit you where it hurts the most: financially. It slows down productivity and diverts company dollars away from where they truly can do their best. We hope this article gets you thinking about what’s going on with your computer network.

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