What Expenses Should You Prepare To Pay With Long-Term Remote Work?

If you’re going to make remote work a long-term part of your business’ operations, then you need to do it right. This means a few extra expenses that you’ll need to budget for — do you know what they are?

Long-Term Remote Work Comes With Expenses That You Should Be Prepared For

Are you thinking about continuing with remote work, even after it’s no longer necessary in order to keep your staff healthy and safe?

You’re not alone — according to 317 CFOs recently surveyed by Gartner, 74% expect to move previously on-site employees remote post-COVID-19.

However, if you’re planning to make remote work a permanent part of the way you do business, you can’t continue with the ad-hoc approach you’ve taken so far. While it was at first just a matter of getting your staff working again quickly, now that the mad rush is over, you should optimize your remote work practices.

Check out part five of our six-part series featuring our president Keith Heilveil, detailing what a remote work environment requires, and what additional expenses you should expect:

The Benefits Of Remote Work

There’s plenty of reason to continue with remote work. After trying out remote work for a few months, many business leaders and employees have seen the benefits firsthand:

That said, whatever your current remote work setup is like, it can almost certainly be improved.

Optimizing & Securing Your Home Office

The goal is to set up your home office with the same tools, standards, and processes you have in the corporate environment, allowing you to be as productive and secure as you would be in the office.

  • Equipping You With The Right Tools: While the bare minimum for remote work at the start of the pandemic was likely just a computer, phone, and VPN, if you want to optimize your setup, you’ll need a lot more:
    • Laptop
    • Monitor(s)
    • Keyboard and mouse
    • Phone system and headset
    • Business-class firewall
    • AV Software
    • Printers
    • Webcams
    • Wi-Fi
  • Enhancing At-Home Cybersecurity: Security is a complicated undertaking for remote work models. In fact, 36% of organizations have dealt with a security incident due to an unsecured remote worker.Continuing with a remote work model, whether entirely or in part, will require:
    • Enhancing security measures
    • Providing the right hardware for users working permanently from home
    • Implementing more permanent file-sharing and collaboration tools

Advantage Industries Will Guide You In Optimizing Your Remote Workspaces

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t be accepting any obstacles to your productivity, or vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity just so you can work from home. If you’re going to choose to continue with remote work, do it right.

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