Our network security auditing tools don’t just perform network discovery and documentation, they provide real “value-added intelligence” to your information technology assessments. Our software and tools link multiple data points to expose hard to detect issues, quantify risk, provide suggested fixes, and track remediation development.


Unlike other auditing and assessment tools, there are no need for agents or software to be installed. To start, all we run is a small file from a thumb drive from any computer on the network domain. It will immediately start to scan the computer network, collect the data that it needs and complete its process; this typically takes less than an hour (depends on how many devices are on your network).  Once the scan is completed, there is no trace of the software on the machine that you scanned it from and an encrypted file with the infrastructure network and security data provides us with what we need to analyze the data and generate reports for you.


Our software’s Risk Scoring algorithm not only exposes threats about your computer network but gives them a Risk Score based on impact on you network infrastructure.  This Risk Score lets you to prioritize the remediation of threats and review score performance (network security health) over time. 


After reviewing the data compiled from the scan we will then produce professional reports, tables and graphs that show what services need to be performed.


Step 1: Run Scanners
Our software’s collection of network scanners gathers a huge amount of network, device, and end-user data.  A few scanners run remotely from our servers, though others can be downloaded from our website or run directly off a thumb drive.


Step 2: Collect Data
We software will collect data from any machines (with all major operating systems) and devices on your network.  We have separate scanners to gather data from transient and stand-alone machines. We will also gather information manually through on-site observations of the server room and network and by speaking with you (the client). 


Step 3: Import and Analyze Data
Regardless of how we gathered the information about your network, we can then import all the data gathered into our software, and the tool automatically assembles and combines everything into a single data set. The data will then be analyzed against the latest computer threats that make your network vulnerable.


Step 4: Reporting
After getting the network assessment data and reviewing the most recent security concerns we can then preview the results of your scans using our powerful built-in data browser. We have created numerous reports we can generate and review with our clients.