How Companies in Columbia MD Can Strengthen Cybersecurity

At Advantage Industries, we like to educate our companies on the importance of protecting sensitive data. Today, we're going to discuss a few cybersecurity tips for companies in Columbia, MD.

How Companies in Columbia MD Can Strengthen Cybersecurity

At Advantage Industries, we like to educate our companies on the importance of protecting sensitive data. Today, we’re going to discuss a few cybersecurity tips for companies in Columbia, MD. And why it’s important to hire an expert IT cybersecurity partner. But first, let’s discuss the impact cyberattacks have on companies.

Cyber threats are on the rise, and it’s important that companies are equipped to handle such threats. In fact, just one cyber attack can be detrimental to a company’s ability to operate. Not only that, but technology issues such as a data breach can tarnish the reputation of a company’s brand. Leading to a loss of customers and revenue.

How Cyberattacks Affect Companies

Unfortunately, a cyberattack can do serious damage to a company. In fact, many businesses who experience a cyberattack face issues such as additional costs, damage to their reputation, and potentially — legal ramifications as a result of a data breach.

For instance, a data breach can result in a loss of contracts or clients for companies. This correlates to a decline in sales. At the same time, a company can experience theft of money due to cybercriminals.

Along with this, data breaches can lead to damage to a company’s reputation. This is because data breaches can change a customer’s perception of your company. Leading them to no longer trust your business with their information.

Even more, data protection and privacy laws require companies to manage the security of all personal data. Failing to do so, even with an unexpected data breach, can lead to fines and regulatory sanctions.

5 Ways Companies in Columbia, MD Can Strengthen Cybersecurity

It’s important for companies in Columbia, MD to prioritize their cybersecurity efforts. Here are 5 ways companies can strengthen their cybersecurity.

1. Maintain Awareness

One of the first measures that companies need to take to strengthen their cybersecurity is to maintain awareness at all times. You’d be surprised at how many businesses underestimate the possibility of their sensitive data being compromised.

With that said, always be suspicious of things like popups, emails, unknown websites, and public Wi-Fi networks. Many cyber criminals use these avenues to get companies to click on malicious links and infect their hardware.

For instance, it’s not uncommon for companies to send and receive various emails throughout the day. A cybercriminal might perform something known as phishing. Which is a fraudulent attempt to obtain information such as usernames or passwords. The cybercriminal will send an email that appears legitimate in order to get you to click on it. Once you’ve clicked the link, the malicious contents will infect your computer.

Ultimately, increasing awareness can save your company in the long-run. As you and your team will be more cautious and less likely to accidentally click on malicious content.

2. Use Complex Passwords

Making simple, easy-to-read passwords might seem like a convenient option for companies. But this is a major concern for data breaches. This is because one of the most common ways for hackers to break into computers is through a company’s password.

Simple passwords make it easier for hackers to gain access to critical business data quickly whereas complex passwords add an extra layer of protection.

Additionally, when companies have more complex passwords to protect their information, hackers will be less motivated to try and hack your company’s system. Essentially, the more complex a company can make their password the less likely they will be subject to cyber threats.
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3. Secure Wi-Fi with a VPN

How often have you connected to public Wi-Fi and wondered whether someone could see your online activity? This is something that companies must think about as they are sending, receiving, and storing sensitive data.

With that said, having a VPN is the best way to ensure your Wi-Fi network is secure. A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between you and your remote server operated by a VPN service. Ultimately, all of your internet traffic will be run through this VPN tunnel. Making it difficult for malicious persons to hack into your network and obtain sensitive information.

A VPN is also important for companies that have remote workers who will need to be able to access a secure network from wherever they are. This will give companies the comfort and security of knowing that business can still be done remotely without compromising data.

4. Keep Data Backed Up and Recoverable

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t realize the value of backing up their data on a routine basis until it’s too late. Too often, companies will forget to back up their critical data and then something unexpected occurs such as computer damage or a cyberattack. These unexpected occurrences can really create long-term problems for businesses.

While these types of situations may seem unlikely, they can happen to anyone, which is why it’s best for companies to be prepared. Regardless of whether your company is large or small, data backups are an essential aspect of running your company. In fact, the loss of data can cost your business a lot of money, making it difficult to recover.

For this reason, the best practice is to perform routine backups to keep data secure from theft, damage, or the effects of a disaster. For instance, companies can choose a cloud service to provide their data with extra protection. A cloud service can provide things such as automated backups and file management.

5. Hire an Expert IT Security Partner

One of the best ways for companies in Columbia, MD to increase their cybersecurity is by hiring an expert IT security partner who can strengthen their company’s IT infrastructure.

Cybersecurity is a top priority for businesses today but addressing cyber issues alone isn’t the most effective solution. An expert IT security partner has access to the latest IT tools to effectively manage your company’s software, hardware, and other technology.

In addition to this, having a trusted IT partner allows companies to focus on their core business while relying on experts to mitigate risks that can compromise sensitive data.

Another benefit of an IT security partner is accessibility. By hiring an IT security team, companies can have peace of mind knowing that they have a dedicated team ready to deal with any potential cyber issues threatening their IT infrastructure. The reality is, most companies aren’t equipped to handle their cybersecurity needs, and this, unfortunately, leaves them open for a potential attack.

But an expert IT security partner will help companies remain productive by doing things such as performing data backups and software updates, oversee data storage, and maintain your company’s computer infrastructure.

Here at Advantage Industries, we want to empower companies by providing IT support and managed IT services in Columbia, MD, and The MidAtlantic Region. We know that cybersecurity is important, which is why we provide managed cybersecurity services to help strengthen your company and mitigate the risk of a cyberattackS. If you want to learn more about managed cybersecurity services, contact us today.

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