Structured Cabling

Your Structured Cabling Professionals Cabling experts from Advantage Industries can determine the best cabling set up for your work area. ...
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Your Structured Cabling Professionals

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Cabling experts from Advantage Industries can determine the best cabling set up for your work area. Whether you need a cabling solution indoors or outdoors; for your network, power, or security cameras, we can provide a cabling installation for superior connectivity.


Our structured cabling solution is prepared by our team of hand-picked consultants and technicians, using the best cabling materials and wiring. We have established partnerships with cabling vendors in the area and we’re confident we can provide you the service and material that you need.



Cabling Standards

Proper cabling should have a neat, clean, and organized appearance- not strewn about recklessly. These cables can cause unnecessary harm to troubleshooting processes and infrastructure if not installed correctly with your IT technicians.
ISO/IEC standards apply to cabling as well. The cabling install you select is critical to your datacenter. Data cables and cable routes need to be properly planned, as it may affect performance, stability, and continuity of operations. Routine inspection and testing of installed cables are also recommended.

As a structured cabling provider, we are well equipped to deliver an organized network wiring install.


Cabling For New Offices

Moving to a new office is a sign of growth but it’s also a new IT infrastructure to map out. Start your moving preparations by arranging the infrastructure cabling for your phones and network. It is always easier and more efficient to ensure your premises has a quality cabling installation from the start rather than try and repair cabling later on. Optimize your new office now to be ready for future additions of hardware and workstations through adding ample cabling ports, and readily-available extensible cables.


If your company is in need of a sound structured cabling installation, we are here to help. Contact us for your cabling needs!