Top 5 Cybersecurity Tips
(That Won’t Break The Bank!)

There are a number of simple and low-cost ways to improve your cybersecurity right now — check out the recording of this webinar to find out what they are. 

Top 5 Cybersecurity Tips (That Won’t Break The Bank!)

There are a number of simple and low-cost ways to improve your cybersecurity right now — check out the recording of this webinar to find out what they are.

2020 was a banner year for cybercriminals.

The number of phishing emails and social engineering scams that use the COVID-19 pandemic as a topic represents the single largest thematic series of cybercrime attacks ever. From credential phishing and malicious attachments to business email compromise and fake landing pages, the coronavirus has been a veritable gold rush for cybercriminals. That’s in addition to the many unrelated cybercrime attacks that took place, including when the US Government and numerous corporations around the world were hit by a devastating supply chain attack.

The point is that you can’t afford to overlook your cybersecurity. Depending on the current state of your digital defenses, improving your security may not be all that complicated or expensive.

Discover five simple tips for boosting your cybersecurity in our latest webinar, led by Mike Shelah and Russell Smith:

5 Inexpensive Ways To Enhance Your Cybersecurity Right Now

  • Commercial-Grade Firewalls: A firewall is a particular type of solution that maintains the security of your network. It blocks unauthorized users from gaining access to your data. Firewalls are deployed via hardware, software, or a combination of the two.  It’s vital that you ensure your firewall monitors network traffic with Deep Packet Inspection.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication For Email Accounts: Multi-factor authentication is a great way to add an extra layer of protection to the existing system and account logins. By requiring a second piece of information like a randomly-generated numerical code sent by text message, you’re able to make sure that the person using the login credentials is actually who they say they are.
  • Cybersecurity Training And Testing: User awareness is a fundamental part of effective cybersecurity. It can protect your organization from a range of threats. The fact is that a majority of cybersecurity services offered today include the best in vital technologies, from firewalls to anti-malware to data encryption and more. However, as important as this technology is, on its own, it simply isn’t enough. Much of cybersecurity is dependent on the user, and as such it’s vital that you properly educate your employees and volunteers in safe conduct. The more your workforce knows about the security measures you have in place, the more confidently they can use the technology in a secure manner.
  • Windows Active Directory Security Policies: If you already have a Windows active directory network, there’s no extra cost posed to you to implement more robust security standards, including:
    • Minimum password length and complexity (at least 12 – 16 characters)
    • Required annual password resets
    • Failed login lockouts to prevent ongoing attempts after the password has been entered incorrectly 5 times
    • Screen and device locks that activate after a period of inactivity to prevent unauthorized users from accessing an unattended device.
  • Drive Encryption For Computers And Laptops: This will help to prevent hackers from accessing externally mounted drives that they have physical access to. Both Microsoft Windows 10 and Apple OSX/11 have built-in drive encryption capabilities.

What’s The Key To Cybersecurity In 2021?

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