With technology constantly changing businesses need a technology expert that understands business processes and management. Having access to vCIO allows your business to implement and use the correct technology while increasing revenue & decreasing expenses without the expense of a full-time executive staff member. Having someone that can guide a business with modern technology, vision and leadership with the ability to plan, test and implement is something that most companies currently do not have. Advantage can provide these services to your organization in a effective and cost efficient manner.

Benefits of a vCIO:

  • Review the existing IT infrastructure and determine its lifetime
  • IT budget planning and accounting
  • Development a short & long term IT strategy plan/road map
  • Attend management meetings to optimize business processes
  • Find ways to add value to existing customers & employees using technology
  • Documentation of duties and responsibilities for business roles
  • Be familiar with vendor service contracts, proposals, & service level agreements
  • Maintain company disaster recovery and business continuity planning

If your business doesn’t have a CIO Advantage can provide all the technology advice and consulting.
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