Mike And Alison After Hours
Christopher Schafer — Christopher Schafer Clothiers

This episode of the Mike And Alison After Hours podcast features Christopher Schafer, proprietor of Christopher Schafer Clothiers.

Mike And Alison After Hours: Christopher Schafer — Christopher Schafer Clothiers

This episode of the Mike And Alison After Hours podcast features Christopher Schafer, proprietor of Christopher Schafer Clothiers.

The co-hosts of the Mike And Alison After Hours podcast began this episode with a discussion of compensation in the sales arm of the business world. As the episode aired originally in December, it was an ideal time to talk about year-end bonuses, sales quotas, and the way salespeople are rewarded for their efforts.

Mike noted how while insurance salespeople work primarily for an ongoing commission, other positions and other business are different. In Alison’s case, she receives a base salary, and then on top of that, she is compensated through a residual additional commission based on additional employees. Overall, it’s important for salespeople to understand the way they’re paid, and how many different models there are out there.

Check out the full video for the complete discussion and an interview with featured guest, Christopher Schafer:

Get To Know Christopher Schafer Clothiers, Proprietor Of Christopher Schafer Clothiers

Christopher Schafer is the proprietor of Christopher Schafer Clothiers.

“The business started off as just me,” says Christopher. “And it started to shift, where it became its own label and entity.”

Operating for ten years now, Christopher Schafer Clothiers helps clients look their best for every one of life’s great occasions. He takes pride in his work and feels that every garment that he creates is a direct representation of himself. Christopher makes sure that all the details are correct and that clients get the best fit possible. He will take the time with them to design the best clothing that they have ever owned.

His old-world work ethic has gained him a number of accolades, with him being voted Baltimore’s Best Tailor by City Paper in 2009, Baltimore Magazine in 2010, Fashion Awards MD & City Paper in 2012, and Baltimore Magazine in 2014.

Despite bearing his name, Christopher Schafer Clothiers is not totally based around Christopher any more, however. Christopher’s son has opened up a shop under the same name in Los Angeles, further expanding the reach and legacy of the Christopher Schafer Clothiers brand.

“I’m giving these younger guys some room to explore and spread their wings, because as teacher and mentor, you can do that,” says Christopher. “I’ve become more of the elder statesman, which I’m fine with.”

For the full discussion with Christopher about how his business has grown and evolved in the last decade, make sure to check out the full episode of the Mike And Alison After Hours podcast. To contact Christopher, go to www.christopherschafer.com, or call 410-404-5131 (Baltimore) or 310-905-0244 (Santa Monica) or email crs@christopherschafer.com.

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