Cybersecurity is a serious challenge in the Information Technology environment.  At Advantage, we understand the potential risks and we work to ensure our client data is as secure as possible.  Simple anti-virus solutions are a good start, but newer services and technologies like managed services, vulnerability scanning and threat monitoring offer better options for defending against cyber attacks.


Managed Security
Upgrade your network defenses and understand how your network compares against industry standard compliance and security benchmarks.


Monitored Networks
Monitored networks allow Advantage to proactively manage all of the assets which are connected to your corporate network infrastructure. Depending on the level of managed service you select, Advantage will provide a custom network monitoring plan which allows our engineers to manage your network for patch updates, anti-virus software, hardware functionality and other essential services which allow your business to operate efficiently without roadblocks.

 vulnerability scans

Vulnerability Scans
Vulnerability scans are an immediate benefit to understanding outdated software, firmware upgrades and hardware proficiency. For most small businesses, a vulnerability scan immediately conveys risk to your network and steps for remediation.

partner Alien Vault

AlienVault is an industry leading security software implementation, which allows for advanced monitoring and logging of all of your network system events.  If your business wants to take data protection and security to the next level, AlienVault is the toolset to use. 



Cybersecurity solutions are available as part of Advantage’s Advanced Managed Services package:

  • Monitored networks provide 24/7, real time reporting
  • Increased strength versus common virus software protection
  • Offers compliance and risk parameters based on your need

Advantage Industries is a certified Alien Vault reseller partner.  If you are interested in understanding the newest, most innovative approaches to network security, please contact us for a consultation.