Mike And Alison After Hours
Joe Brunsman — Professional Liability Brokers

This episode of the Mike And Alison After Hours podcast features Joe Brunsman, Professional Liability Brokers.

Mike And Alison After Hours: Joe Brunsman — Professional Liability Brokers

This episode of the Mike And Alison After Hours podcast features Joe Brunsman, Professional Liability Brokers.

This week, Mike and Alison talked to Joe Brunsman from Professional Liability Brokers.

Prior to “nerding out” with their guest, however, Mike and Alison made sure to remind listeners of an upcoming giveaway — “How To Work With Jerks” written by Eric Williamson. Eric will be a guest on the show in August, at which time we will announce the winner. To enter, make sure to subscribe to Mike And Alison After Hours and drop a comment on our YouTube channel or any audio podcast platform.

With that announcement taken care of, Mike and Alison began their talk with Joe about his career as an author and thought leader in business insurance. Check out the full video for the complete discussion:

Get To Know Joe Brunsman, Professional Liability Brokers

Joe Brunsman is an author, public speaker, and cybersecurity expert. His company Chesapeake Professional Liability Brokers works with hundreds of organizations in the Mid-Atlantic market to serve their insurance needs

He is a prolific and active writer, having published numerous books, and written articles on cybersecurity for a range of peer-reviewed journals and magazines. Despite his impressive career as an author, Joe didn’t take to the written art as a student.

“I barely passed English class in high school,” says Joe. “My undergrad is actually in robotics, but I got my masters in cybersecurity law.”

In one way or another, all of Joe’s books have to do with insurance; E&O insurance, employment practices insurance, cyber insurance, and more. In short, Joe has made a career out of studying and advocating for the topics business owners should care about, but often overlook.

“All of the fun things that business owners really should know, but it’s kind of painful to figure out,” says Joe.

For the complete discussion with Joe on cybersecurity insurance and law and more, make sure to check out the full episode of the Mike And Alison After Hours podcast.

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