Mike And Alison After Hours
Lauren Asghari — Alderson Loop

This episode of the Mike And Alison After Hours podcast features Lauren Asghari, founder and managing partner of Alderson Loop.

Mike And Alison After Hours: Lauren Asghari — Alderson Loop

This episode of the Mike And Alison After Hours podcast features Lauren Asghari, founder and managing partner of Alderson Loop.

The holidays are a tough time for salespeople. As the co-hosts discuss at the top of this episode of Mike And Alison After Hours, once contacts start thinking more about turkey and time off, they’re likely to engage with a sales call.

Furthermore, the pandemic has made that even more difficult. Between lockdowns and lowered revenue, the sales landscape is much different than it was this time last year. That can lead to a lot of extra stress.

Fittingly, this episode’s definition segment focused on emotional intelligence, that is, “the ability to recognize, assess, and manage your emotions as well as others’.” Mike and Alison spoke about how fundamental it is in HR and management, as emotions are a core aspect of performance. This is especially important in the technical world where Mike works too, because emotion is often the last point to be considered.

Check out the full video for the complete discussion and an interview with featured guest, Lauren Asghari:

Get To Know Lauren Asghari, Founder And Managing Partner Of Alderson Loop

Lauren Asghari is the Founder and Managing Partner of Alderson Loop.

“‘Alderson Loop’ is a niche programming term, where there is an exit out of a program, but it’s not obvious to the user,” says Lauren. “The way it applies to our business is that we’re in recruiting and project staffing. You’re constantly going through a loop of candidates, a loop of resumes, not finding the right person — we’re the exit to that loop.”

Alderson Loop is a forward-thinking provider of Information Technology, marketing, and creative talent, working with select companies and government organizations to help them achieve and exceed their business goals. Lauren has worked in project staffing for most of her career, which naturally led her towards starting her own firm based around that service.

Alderson Loop serves clients in the Baltimore Metro area and is expanding into the DC market as well. They have also been developing new contacts in other markets across the country, which has been curtailed somewhat by the realities of operating during a pandemic.

“We’re trying to build something meaningful and build something special with people who have a common purpose and common values,” says Lauren.

For the full discussion with Lauren about Alderson Loop’s services, make sure to check out the full episode of the Mike And Alison After Hours podcast. To contact Lauren, go to www.aldersonloop.com, email lauren.asghari@aldersonloop.com or call 443 745-2375.

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