Mike And Alison After Hours
Dr. Michael Kerins — Owner, Magothy Dental

This episode of the Mike And Alison After Hours podcast features Dr. Michael Kerins, Owner of Magothy Dental

Mike And Alison After Hours: Dr. Michael Kerins — Owner, Magothy Dental

This episode of the Mike And Alison After Hours podcast features Dr. Michael Kerins, Owner of Magothy Dental

This week, Mike and Alison talked to Dr. Michael Kerins, their first guest from the medical industry! In their discussion, they explored the importance of being open to new opportunities, as well as looking for varied and valuable experiences to inform the future of your career.

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With that business out of the way, Mike and Alison dove into their interview with Dr. Kerins — check out the full video for the complete discussion:

Get To Know Dr. Michael Kerins, Magothy Dental

Dr. Michael Kerins has been in the dental field for over six years since graduating from the University of Maryland at Baltimore in 2014. Unlike others in his field who had their careers planned out from an early age, Dr. Kerins didn’t know he wanted to be a dentist until partway through university.

“I don’t have any profound story about why I wanted to be a dentist,” says Dr. Kerins. “I considered my options — healthcare always seemed very interesting. Dentistry seemed like something that I could see myself doing long-term and not hating my life.”

Early in his career as a dentist, Dr. Kerins was committed to gaining experience and insight from a range of sources. Unlike other dentists, who simply go to work at a single practice and hope to one day run it, Dr. Kerins knew he could benefit from working part-time at many different practices.

“The disadvantage was that you’re part-time, so you’re not getting full-time benefits, but the advantage was that I got to see how different people ran their practices,” says Dr. Kerins.

Magothy Dental, formerly Howard A. Katz, DDS and Associates, is a full-service dental practice serving Pasadena and Severna Park. They have cared for Maryland families for over 60 years with routine dental services as well as sedated procedures.

Dr. Kerins takes a pragmatic approach to every facet of his professional life. This was an especially important perspective to have, given that he bought his practice just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the many challenges this year has posed to his new business, he has remained optimistic.

“I don’t regret it — no one could have predicted this or seen it coming,” says Dr. Kerins. “I figure if I can make it through this, the rest of my career will be a piece of cake.

For the complete discussion with Dr. Kerins, make sure to check out the full episode of the Mike And Alison After Hours podcast. You can visit his practice online at www.magothydental.com.

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