Mike And Alison After Hours
Dr. Kim Schatzel — President, Towson University

Mike and Alison talked to Dr. Kim Schatzel, President of Towson University. This is the final installment of the show’s three-part series on leadership in higher education.

Mike And Alison After Hours: Dr. Kim Schatzel — President, Towson University

This episode of the Mike And Alison After Hours podcast features Dr. Kim Schatzel, President, Towson University.

This week, Mike and Alison talked to Dr. Kim Schatzel, President of Towson University. This is the final installment of the show’s three-part series on leadership in higher education.

As always, Mike and Alison started the show by reminding listeners of an upcoming giveaway — “How To Work With Jerks” written by Eric Williamson. Eric will be a guest on the show in August, at which time we will announce the winner. To enter, make sure to subscribe to Mike And Alison After Hours and drop a comment on our YouTube channel or any audio podcast platform.

With that announcement taken care of, Mike and Alison began their talk with Dr. Schatzel about her career in the education world. Check out the full video for the complete discussion:

Get To Know Dr. Kim Schatzel, President, Towson University

Dr. Kim Schatzel has served as president of Towson University since  2016. Her career prior to then was rather atypical; she began her career out of college as a foreman with the Ford Motor Company. After working in many different manufacturing management positions and as an entrepreneur over the course of two decades, Dr. Schatzel knew her next step wouldn’t be in that industry, or in starting a new enterprise.

“At the age of about 38, I decided it was time to switch gears,” says Dr. Schatzel. “I decided to take a look at getting a PhD.”

Dr. Schatzel gained a doctorate in marketing and management of technology from Michigan State, which gave her an entry into the academic world. Dr. Schatzel brought extensive C-Suite experience to her work in education, helping to round out her contributions to institutions like Towson University.

“I’ve been very blessed to have two fantastic careers,” says Dr. Schatzel. “I recommend ‘repotting’ yourself around 40.”

In her time with Towson University, Dr. Schatzel has overseen more than 300 partnerships and helped to further establish the university as an anchor institution for Greater Baltimore. She has also established the Office of Inclusion and Institutional Equity and hired the university’s inaugural vice-president to lead its advancement. She has helped to redefine and better establish the contemporary story of Towson University and its positive effects on Baltimore, Maryland, and the entire Mid-Atlantic Region.

Dr. Schatzel’s eight presidential priorities strategically build on TU’s momentum as Maryland’s second-largest and fastest-growing university, as well as the largest university — public or private — in Greater Baltimore.

For the complete discussion with Dr. Schatzel, make sure to check out the full episode of the Mike And Alison After Hours podcast.

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